Why ‘Unsubcribes’ Are A Good Thing

Unsubscribes are a good thing
Unsubscribes are a good thing

One of my former mentors, Mal Emery, renowned for creating more self-made millionaires in Australia that any other coach, once said something about unsubscribes that I can always remember:

[bctt tweet=”‘If you aren’t pissing off someone with your marketing by midday, you aren’t trying hard enough’”]

Now, I don’t intentionally try to get people upset but I do call it like it is and often people find that offends their delicate nature.

And Yes, with each email I send, I will get unsubscribes, but it doesn’t  matter.

Want to know why?

Because they were never going to buy from me anyway.

Your email subscribers are there as they know that YOU can solve a problem they are having.

Often buying YOUR service or product will be the solution that they are looking for.

So,  those that unsubscribe, no problems, it’s not personal, smile and wave them off.

Maybe they found the solution they were looking for.

Maybe you aren’t the right person to help them.

Maybe they subconsciously enjoy being in their predicament so that they can complain and get sympathy on social media.

You just  dont know.

What you do know is, it is your job is help those others that you email, to solve their problems, to take their pain away, to make their life better.

So, go ahead, send an email today.

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