Whose Permission Are You Waiting For Anyway?

My son is 11 years old. Last week he was working on a report, an instructional writing piece.

With a draft ready to go Monday by Thursday, hadn’t started on the final version.

Asking him why, he told me; ‘I’m waiting for my teacher’s permission to start.’

Being a Getting It Done type of mum, I suggested that he get started on the final version and make the adjustments when the teacher ‘approved’ his draft.

And it struck me.

So many women I work with are really just waiting for ‘permission’ to move forward.

It is like they have the draft of their dream business ready to go, maybe in their head, maybe on paper, yet they feel (and may have been taught) that you need someone to check your work and give you permission to move ahead.

Where I see this most is in publishing their content.

Especially, it seems, the more opinionated or polarising against the norms they are, the harder they find it to press publish.

And here is the thing.

It may not be 100% correct (I have certain family members who only ever message me to tell me I have made a spelling or grammar mistake) you may get some negative feedback and it may not be a perfect version.

But I can almost guarantee that someone out there needs to hear it.

And I can 100% guarantee that it not doing you or anyone else for that matter any good sitting on the computer.

So now is the time to stop waiting for, or even asking for permission from anyone.

Think about that kind primary school teacher that you adored and every time it scares you to hit publish, imagine her giving you a firm nod of her head and press publish.

11-year-old is so proud of what you have become.

If you do want a professional’s help with the strategy of your content just reach out, let me help you get more of your imperfectly perfect ideas out there. Someone out there is waiting for them!