Which lead magnet converts the best?

I guess I could give you a list of the different lead magnets that convert really well.

And you would know what would be on that list, don’t you?

Let’s see then:

Online training
Swipe files
Free trials
Industry guides
Plus the other 47 ideas I have on my list (which in itself is not exhaustive)

And I know people that are trying all of them.

And still not making any sales.

Because here is the thing.

The lead magnet has only 2 jobs.

1) To get the contact details of a potential client.
2) To demonstrate your skill and expertise

But there is a common misconception that it is all you need for your business to make sales.

With a lot of online ‘experts’ telling you all you need is their system that looks like this:

Step 1 – Facebook Ad to Lead Magnet
Step 2 – Lead Magnet to Thank You Page
Step 3 – Thank You Page To Core Offer
Step 4 – Makes Sales

But the truth is the profitable work starts after all that.

Because, as you have heard me say it before and I will say it again.

The money is in the follow-up.

And in my experience (and looking at the stats) only those that are serious about business are following up more than 3 times.

With most of those follow-ups happening in the first week.

Then nothing.

And here is the thing…

Most sales are made anywhere between the 5 and 12 contact.

Reread that again.

5 to 12.

So before you start working on the newest and latest converting lead magnet, why not try the most tried and true method of sales.

Following up.


Because the lead magnet that works the best is the one that is followed up.

As an old mentor of mine used to say;

Follow up until they unsubscribe, buy or die!

In most cases, you have already paid for the lead through ads anyway 

And they are still hanging around on your list, so why not?

If you need help in creating a follow-up marketing plan, send me a message.

Of if you want to know which lead magnet is working in your industry, just ask me.