What Your Customers Are Really Looking For, It Isn’t What We All Think

“What qualities do you look for when hiring a trade contractor to perform construction or maintenance work?”

Working with my tradie clients helping them to turn more of their quotes into paying customers, I have found that there is a big misconception about what customers are really looking for, and most of these things are really simple do ensure that you are doing on a regular basis for your business.

Research has been done to find out exactly what customers are looking for and it may not be what you thinking.

Here is the Top Ten things that customers are looking for, how do you measure up?

  • A speedy response to their enquiries
  • Providing a quick, correct and fully detailed quotes that has options/alternatives
  • Be on time, turning up when they say they will
  • Be clean and tidy in person and on the job, cleaning up after themselves
  • Do what they say they are going to do
  • Showing that they respect the client – no swearing, being on time courteous and approachable,
  • Giving the clients regular progress updates, issues, and job details
  • Delivering high quality
  • Follow up after the job to gauge satisfaction levels and say thanks
  • Deliver unexpected value – go that little bit further

(Notice price wasn’t mentioned once?)

These should be the “norm”. The minimum level of service you provide.

I know that some of you are looking for help right now so that you can apply a better strategy for your business so, that you make more sales on your quotes and stop wasting times doing quotes the ones you won’t win.Let’s schedule an exploratory call to see if we are the right fit to working together.

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