What Sesame Street Can Teach You About Your Business Growth

If you are like me you have fond members of old friends Big Bird, Grover and Oscar.

In fact, the first-ever live show I went to see was Sesame Street, with my Uncle when I was 4.

But it didn’t go well.

Within the first 7 minutes Big Bird came out, and I saw for the first time just how large he was in real life!

I freaked out (when I say freaked out, you mums out there know that means tears from one end, wee’s from the other)

Needless to say, I was whisked out of there quick smart.

Even now, I never brought my kids Big Bird toys nor the Elmo merchandise (my husband banned him when our son was born, he considers him a cheap imitation of Grover)

But there is one character that I love and he can teach you a superb business lesson.

It’s the Count.

Looking like what you imagine is a puppet version of Count Dracula, each day he has a Number Of The Day.

Originally the Count played a musical scale on his giant organ to get to the Number Of The Day now there is a range of things he does.

But what’s the relevance to this for your business?

Well… you need to know your numbers and focus on them every day if you want to grow.

For Sesame Street it is growing your mind.

For us, it is growing our business.

And the numbers you focus on can be dependent on what you are trying to achieve.

But the number doesn’t have to be all about sales.

It could be, email subscribers, website clicks, calls booked, opt-ins, the list is endless.

But you need to know what your numbers are, so you can focus on them.

And like the count, your Number Of The Day might be different daily.

For me today it is the number of email subscribers on my list.

I am growing this so that my clan (my family is Scottish so I prefer this to tribe, followers etc) can get more access to the insights I share, the training I do and be first to know about the events I teach at.

I know that growing my clan means growing my client list, which means growing my sales.

Want to see what I am talking about? Email me at you@evejohn.com.au and I can pop you on. All killer, no filler, you will get actionable insights for marketing, copywriting, sales and social.

In the meantime, hit me up with your childhood favourite character, are they still on the TV now?