What I Love About The BRW Rich Females List

I just saw the release of the BRW 30 Richest Self Made Women in Australia, on their Facebook page. 
It was a great list, no real surprises there and I love that there are so women who started their business off at their kitchen table!
But the truth is, it wasn’t the names or success’ of these women was the best part for me.
The part that made me smile was the hundreds of comment section underneath the post. 
Post after post a woman had tagged her friends name with in the comment with –
 ‘<Tagged Name> this will be you in 10 years’ 
 ‘they should look out because <Tagged Name> is coming’
 I love the shit!
 Of course there was that one guy that questioned how Nicole Kidman was worthy of the list asking saying ‘Did she open a brothel
Anyway, I love the full the sisterhood that this represents as women with as we support each other in our journey towards the success. 
And, that’s why I’ve joined up with a group of other women to bring you some resources that can help to propel you forward with your business.
All you need to do is choose, click, download, implement and reap the rewards! It’s that simple.
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