What Health Insurance Can Teach You About Your Coaching Offers

2 years ago my husband was rushed into surgery going into cardiac arrest, he was 35.

His blood was septic, he had a skin eating disease and as I kissed him on the forehead, the head nurse with a giant mop of blonde hair sticking out from under her surgery cap said, ‘ I’d kiss him better than that sweetheart, there is a 50% chance he may not survive and an 80% chance he will lose his left arm.’

Lucky for us we have access to some of the world’s best health care facilities and might I say leading doctors, nurses and researchers.

Fast forward to now, he is fully recovered, healthy and although his watch modelling career is over he does have the best arms for a Halloween party.

He was lucky.

Right now our friend, who is waiting for a knee replacement. 
Life threating now, life impacting, hell yes!

And although us Aussies are entitled to Medicare which means we can access Free medical treatment, the biggest disadvantage is WHEN we can have the treatment.

The average waiting time for a tonsillectomy in NSW is just over 200 days; imagine having tonsillitis for 200 days before you receive treatment?

The average waiting time in QLD for a knee replacement is about 125 and more than double that in NSW.

But if you have Private Health Insurance you can receive your treatment quicker.

Health insurance gives you access.
Access gives you speed and results.
And there is something to that when it comes to packaging up your offers.

Many clients tell me they work with me not just because I have a stellar reputation (thanks ladies) – not just because I have worked with close to 1000 women over the last 20 years (feeling old) and not just because I am hilariously funny and entertaining (well I think so) but because they have direct ACESS to me…

• Access to my insights and experience
• Access to be able to ask me a question and get an answer SPECIFIC to their business
• Access to be able to workshop an idea and its validity and profitability

When I am working with my clients to build out their irresistible offers, they often ask me, “Why would someone hire ME when they can work with a guru in a big program?”

And here is my answer: Because high-end clients want personal attention.

Personal attention is hugely valuable, especially now! 
Clients want hand-holding.
They are tired of getting lost in the crowd.
They want access to their coach, practitioner, healer, mentor or teacher.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to there to serve them 24/7.

You don’t serve as a maid serves, running around after them, being at their beck and call. Picking up after them, fetching what they need, meeting their demands and requirements.

You serve as a priest.
As a confidant, an adviser.

For example, I was working with a client who has a reputation as the leading sales trainer for women in Australia.

People go to her because she takes the time to look over what they have created for their business before she lets them send it out into the world.

Not one of her competitors offer this!

We call it *Firm Nod Submissions*.

Her offer says: Before you send out an email, reach out for a referral, make a sales pitch, you can submit your scripts to me for review. When you have followed the take and tweak scripts, or filled in the templates provided you will be well on your way to success, but submitting them for a review by me means you can get a firm nod that you have covered all the key aspects, or what areas may need some further work.

Another version of this is a *Finishing Touches* bonus: For the first 10 students, we’re going to be offering each one a done-for-you “Finishing Touch” bonus, which means if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Gosh I wish I could just give my funnel to XXX and XXX for them to look it over and add their finishing touches to take it up a notch…” well… that’s what we’re going to do for our first 10 students!

See how powerful that is.

And people will pay for that service, it is invaluable to them.
So, let me ask, how can you incorporate different levels of access into your programs?

Not sure?

Let me help you, email me vip@evejohn.com.au and find out how I can help you add more value to your programs and offerings so you can take better care of your clients and justify selling it for more … without having to do more work!