Want to change the way you perceive the world? Use a new pair of lenses.

Beliefs are like a pair of glasses, they alter the way you see the world. You can slip on a pair of spectacles and your vision will work like every other human’s, what a lot of people know as 20/20 vision, meaning you can see at 20 feet what most people can see at 20 feet. If glasses help us to see the world in sharp detail, is there a specific set of beliefs that allow us to see the world in its accurate form.

It is important to realise that beliefs are a fundamental aspect of vision and consciousness. The world you see with your eyes is not the ‘real’ world. It’s not. And this isn’t only some New Age concept or some Guru’s advice from India. This is scientific fact.

Human beings are visual animals so most of the information we use to create our maps of realities is taken from the eyes. What I’m about to explain goes equally well for the ears, nose, mouth, and fingers. Everything that you see in front of you is not the actual thing. What you see is your brain’s reconstruction of the visual information. Now, that may sound like the same thing, except it’s not. During this interpretation, your belief system is involved, meaning you incorporate or discard some of the visual information you receive depending on what it is you believe. So essentially, what you see as you look around is your interpretation of the world, and not the world itself. This may seem like a small difference, but the implications are huge.

Imagine you’re watching a typical Hollywood action film with plenty of bullets, bombs, and breasts. You’re going to see it differently if you believe that violence is an enjoyable form of entertainment than you would if you believe that violence-as-entertainment is a symptom of collective self-destructive habits. Put in another way, if you’re at that action flick with a Buddhist monk, a Satanist, and an ex-Marine, you can be sure that all three of them are going to see different movies. For sure, most of what they see will overlap, but their different belief systems will accept and reject different bits of the visual stimuli that they all receive from watching the movie.

Is there a specific set of beliefs that allow us to see the world in its accurate form. The answer for me is YES,  but actually acquiring that belief system would take a lifetime. We’ve already got a strong head-start with our own personalised views of the world. And that’s OK, perfectly natural. But for sure, there are healthier beliefs than other. Some beliefs are helpful, others harmful. Some are empowering, some are debilitating.

If your belief system is like a pair of glasses, influencing the way you see the world, what would happen if you got a new prescription?



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