Are You Missing A Marketing Opportunity Every Time You Leave Your Driveway?

Out and about visiting clients each week, I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of cars that have no signwriting on them.

Trucks and vans that are obviously business owned (as they are arriving and leaving the same work sites that I am) are travelling around sunny Melbourne all day, missing an easy marketing opportunity.

Business owners may think that signwriting is old school and over rated but it is something that we often see on the road everyday, stuck in traffic, driving past, parking next too.

I definitely encourage all my clients to make sure that there vans are actually sign written, particularly if you’re doing a lot of travelling around.

It’s free marketing for you. It is a pattern interrupt for someone that sees your vehicle signage and remembers the she is looking for an electrician.

They may either call straight away or Google you from their car (probably shouldn’t be Google and driving).

A few things to remember:

1) Your logo isn’t the feature, people wont recognise it so focus on your wording instead
2) Make sure with your sign writing that you have a call to action included, something along the lines of ‘Call us now for your free electricity wastage assessment’ or ‘Call us now to receive 10% off’.
You need to encourage people to actually take action and choose you as their service provider
3) Don’t drive like a jerk, remember you are on show for the business

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