Top 5 Reasons You Will LOVE Being In Business For Yourself

Eve John

Working for yourself is the dream of many women in our Australian culture.

But is it as promising as it sounds?

I share my 5 top reasons that I went into business for myself.

1) Do what you love

These days I get to spend my time helping my clients to build their business, expand their growth and systemise it all so that they can truly enjoy the benefits of working for themselves. I get to do what I love, the things that aren’t my strengths or that I don’t enjoy, I get to outsource to people that do. I don’t love running numbers, my bookkeeper dreams in them, I am great at content planning and systemising but with so many different platforms for webpages I can’t know them all, so I outsource to my web design team. This means I get to do what I love doing, what I am great while my clients get a top shelf job because the people doing the work for them and me love what they do.

2) With who you love

We have all had that client from hell. The one that the boss handballs because it is ‘too hard’. The great thing about being your own boss means that if you don’t want to work with a client, then you get give them the sack (nicely of course) or choose not to work with them again. I knocked a client back last week, because she wasn’t a good fit. We had very ideals on how to make money, and their are somethings I won’t do regardless of the amount of money on the table. Well she threatened to sue me, but last time I checked they hadn’t passed a law that said you have too take on clients! I get to work with dream clients each week, we make awesome stuff together, we see the vision together, we have ‘chats’ when someone doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain, sometimes clients can be a little naughty and I will let them know, they know that I have their back, they just be and my experience and knowledge.

3) When you love

One of the key reasons that women go into business for themselves after having children is because it gives you flexibility. I work when I want too. I have two children 3yrs and 5yrs, they have kinder and karate, swimming and dancing, so I want to be there with them. Often I am tapping away at my laptop at the pools, or up at 5am getting my work done before I have to get everyone organised for the day, there are times when I am having a Skype call with a client on a Saturday night, (generally another mum) but I get to spend my time with the kids and my other hobbies, working is flexible in the time that I have. I am uber efficient at getting work done using tools and techniques I will be talking about in some upcoming blogs.

4) They way you love

With technology evolving each day, being able to do business remotely is great. No longer do I have to drive for an hour to have a meeting for an hour. I don’t have to fill time or to justify what I am doing to anyone so I work how I need too. I have systems in place so that I can utlise technology. I value my clients time much as I value my own. And don’t even get me started on the Laptop Lifestyle pictured working on the beach in 14 different countries in 2 weeks, I like my bed, I lover my car and I hate sand. If I do want to go to the beach, I ain’t taking a laptop, thats family fun time. Is there something you can get to stop the sand getting into the computers, we could make a killing selling it to those worldly travellers!

5) Benefits who you love

Being that I work for myself I can hustle when I need to, if I am going on holiday things can slow down, need to invest in a new computer, I can take on a small project. I am only limited by my own self believe or self doubt.

Being in business for yourself has it challenges, but what is better than having a business you love and a bank account you adore!

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