Tips to overcome your fears

In the last issue, we talked about the negative impact of fear and why it shouldn’t be ignored. In this issue, we are going to go over some simple tips that will help you say no to fear whenever it tries to invade your life.

Fear is the ability to get to the best of us, whether it is fear of failure, fear of success or even fear of fear. All of us have experienced fear at some point in our lives and times it can be an overwhelming obstacle, which holds us back from being truly successful.

When it comes to coping with everyday fears, there are several things that you can do to keep it from having a lasting impact on your life.

Let’s go over a few:

– Separate reality from perception

See the reality of the situation for what it is. Be rational and get clear on the facts. Soul search and explore your perception of the situation at hand.

– Identify your triggers

Isolate the specific aspects of the situation that trigger your fearful thoughts. What’s the worst that could happen? Change the way you look at these triggers and you will immediately change the way you react.

– Be observant

When you observe something, you do it from a detached place. So if you become an observer of your fear, then you’re not in it and reacting instinctively.

– Listen to yourself

Monitor your inner conversations. When you hear negative self-talk, stop and change the script to positive talk. Keep repeating it.

– Form new associations

When you feel fear, conjure up a picture of something or someone you love. Keep repeating this and soon your brain will associate your fear trigger with something much more pleasurable.

– Consider the worst possibility

Imagine the worst that can happen and come up with strategies that avoid or lessen the likelihood of it happening. What can you put in place to ensure that the worst-case scenario never happens?

– Think positively

Perception is a very powerful thing and how you feel about your situation dictates how you respond. So think positively and you’ll give yourself a much better chance of success.

– Tune into your body

Be in tune with where your fear lives in your body. Use it as an indicator to tell you when something needs to be addressed. What you are aware of you can act on.

– Remember to breathe

Because fear happens in the emotional part of the brain, it’s natural to act instinctively. So when fear rises, break the fear cycle by stopping, creating space and breathing. This will give you time to calm down and allow your rational brain time to catch up.

– Focus on safety

When you feel safe, there is no need for fear. One of the best ways to overcome fear is to create the safest environment possible. That’s why it’s important to practice, practice and practice again.

– Don’t let it stop you

Finally don’t let fear hold you back from living your life to its fullest potential.

When we let fear rule our lives it can rob us of our freedom and prevent us from attaining our dreams, but when you learn how to push fear out of your way there will be nothing standing in the way of you achieving your goals.

Make sure you look for your next issue blog. I will be talking about the fear of commitment and the impact it has on our relationships.