This is a picture of my face when I hear the gurus telling teaching you to price your programs at either $497, $997 or $1997.

This is a picture of my face when I hear the gurus telling teaching you to price your programs at either $497, $997 or $1997.

Now as a copywriter for some of the biggest names in the coaching game I can tell you that there are psychological triggers for using this method, but the truth is there are many ways to be right.

So let me take behind the curtains, behind the velvet rope and see what it really takes to price your service properly.

I want to take you from overwhelmed to having that sense of leverage, from being just a commodity in the industry to being the only logical solution and taking you from being fearful of selling to feeling you’re worth every single cent!

Now, full disclosure I’m not a money mindset coach, so I will not talk to you about valuing yourself and doing all of that inner work.

I believe it is an important concept but there’s plenty of coaches that are far, far better at helping you move through this than I am.

But here is what I do know, us women often forget that what we’re doing blows other people’s minds because we do it all the time, day in, day out and often we enjoy it.

So many women I speak to say “Well, I enjoy it and I’m good at it, so I probably can’t really charge for it.”

Yep, that’s a mindset thing.

That’s not what I’m about.

But the one thing that helped me move through this is reframing it as this…

I love what I do so much that it is the only way that I want to make money!

And if I can’t make the money I want, I will have to do something else.

My potential clients miss out on my help and I am most likely miserable.

So now let me show you the execution strategy and walk you through the components you want to think about in your actual pricing formula, so you can attract your ideal clients, and they are prepared to pay you what you’re worth.

And this is the exact concept and formula that I’d go through with my clients when they’re trying to go from starting out their business or transitioning from doing face-to-face work, to a group, or a more of an online leveraged model.

It’s important because knowing where your price point is and knowing how to price yourself properly will help you avoid getting burn out.

It’s going to also keep your business sustainable.

But the most important thing for me, I think as a marketing strategist is, it will let you know how much you can spend to actually acquire a client, basically how much you need for an advertising budget.

So let me lay down what you need to think about when you’re packaging up your programs and your services:

1) Do some detective work, what is the market value? Pulling a price out of thin air and strapping a 7 on it is not a good strategy. So investigate what it is that people are paying if they go to a large digital agency or if they’re going to a one-on-one program with a counsellor? What are people already paying in a different format? Knowing the market value is and what people are already prepared to pay for what you do.

2) Know the currency of your solution. We have four currencies. And no, I am not talking about AU, US and POUND. I am talking about health, wealth, time and relationships. Being a mum, and a wife, and a friend, and business owners, relationships are important to me. I’m prepared to pay more to get things done faster so I can spend more time with my children. Health is also important to me. So how can I get my time back so I can work on myself, go to the gym, do all of the things I want to do is always in the back of my mind.

If you in a business that is helping other businesses make money, that’s self-explanatory.

But, you might consider not just how much they can make financially with what do but how much is it costing that person to not have an answer to that solution, to not already be doing it? What does it cost in lost revenue? What about in time and people resources they’re spending searching for the solution, time that they’re spending getting it wrong, products or services that they’re buying, and they’re not the right thing!

You need to establish which currency (and it may be all four) is critical for your ideal clients around health, wealth, time or relationships

And everything matters when you’re setting up your pricing, so make sure you know the key thing that they will look for.

3) What’s the return on investment (ROI)? Not just the financial but what are the steps, the time, the cost that what you’re doing will provide them? Is it going to save them time? How much is that time worth? Is it going to get them more clients? How much are those clients worth? Is it going to systemize something for them? How much is that going to be worth for them? When you know the ROI is, is a superb way to think about and value what you’re doing.

As a general rule, if it a financial ROI should be at least 10x their investment.

4) What’s the delivery method? Is it going to be a group program, one-on-one, DIY? How much feedback do they get from you? How much access do they get from you?

I use the analogy of getting to the airport. There are lots of ways that we can get to the airport. You might drive yourself to the airport (like a DIY program). They can’t ask questions to you or have no access to you, but they get all the instructions, and they can follow it along on their merry way at their own pace.

Then there’s the group coaching program. Everybody is on a minibus, and you’re the driver. You will be there together, we’re all sharing things, we’re going together, we’re working step-by-step, and they can ask you some questions as you go.

And finally…

The limo, the one-on-one experience.

You’re working high interaction, it’s just the two of you, they have a lot more access to you and that comes at a higher cost.

I know for myself when I’m driving into the airport here in Melbourne is, when you are in a vehicle that has over one person, you get to go in the fast lane. So, you get to where you are going faster!

Now all of these aspects are important to take into consideration when you are pricing up your program and services, it ensures your booked out in your calendar, valued for what you provide, and paid what you deserve.

And you know something?

I haven’t even begun to cover your online presence, positioning, influence and messaging.

That’s the next level altogether, but I can help you with that.

But right now, you’ve got two choices.

You can charge what everybody else is charging and kind of, hope for the best.

But what you will do is only charging what you see on the front end of their business.

You probably don’t know what the upsells are, the cross-sales, their ascension model is going up the product ladder. And that’s what’s important for you to know how much it costs you to get a client.

Or, you could set yourself up for the longevity of your business. You can make your business last the distance. where you will help more people by making a bigger impact, becoming more influential, and that comes with a better income.

If you’d like to know more about how I help my clients do that, and I’ll show you the exact model. It will show you the three things that not only I do for my clients, but what all the highest-earning and influential coaches leading their industry do too.

Head over to to see it for yourself.