The Three Letter Word Costing You Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Each Year

Business is hard, working long hours, being responsible for everything, implementing every day, it’s not for the faint hearted.

You have to be strong willed, resilient, confident in yourself and willing to do what other won’t.

But the common issue that many business owners have is their EGO.

Letting their ego get in the way of them making sales and it is costing their business each year.

So many times you might have made an offer to a potential customer and leave it in their hands, make it their responsibility to follow you up, your busy and don’t have time to waste on people that aren’t serious about working with you.

Whilst that can work in some aspects of your business, if done strategically, it is only your hip pocket that is missing out.

You are already spent the time talking to the client, working out the details and doing the quote. To then simple give them the price and a few other details and maybe one phone call a week later only to never hear from them again because you might well think, ‘well stuff them, I have done my part’.

Could it be your ego that is stopping you from following them up again? Does making another contact make you feel that you have lost the power in the relationship? Or you don’t want to appear too eager to do the work, desperate for the job or maybe hassle them too much.
Let ego kill your competitors business not yours.

You see statistics on follow up show that 50% of businesses have given up on the sale after one contact with a customer.

65% of your competitors have given up after a second contact with the customer.

And astonishingly, 89.8% of them have given up after only the fourth contact with the customer.

Is it because they truly are too busy to follow up, or is it because they are too arrogant to do it?

Removing ego from the equation will see more money in your pocket.

To find out more about the different methods of follow up you can use in your business click here

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