The Curse Of The Tradie Wife

Last week I shared the top 5 reasons why I (and most women around Australia) would prefer to marry a tradesman rather than a prince.

This time I want to share the two main things myself and my fellow POT’s (Partners Of Tradie’s) struggle with when it comes to the perception of our tradie partners.

1) We are not a lending library – you can’t ‘borrow’ our hubby

Now, I am not talking about emergency things. God knows my hubby as gone to the rescue of our friends when water has been leaking through the lights or the elderly neighbour when the pilot light has gone out.

What I am talking about, is asking them to come over and do a job that they would otherwise have to pay another tradie to do.
Basically, they are being a tight arse.

If you are a tradie (or married to one) the call, generally out of the blue, starts with a chat and ends up with ‘can you get your hubby to come over on the weekend and install the hot water service we brought’

Firstly, it is illegal for an unlicensed tradie to install these (they are so many licenses and registrations they need for different things I don’t know how they keep track) and I believe that large home hardware stores should not be allowed to sell to the general public what legally has to be installed by a qualified tradie (but I will save that rant for another day.)

Because selling them to the general public means that they think that it is okay to DIY it and then gas explosions happen and people are injured or die (17 people die annually as a direct result of DIY work in their home according to Monash University)
It’s illegal and stupid.

Secondly, tradies have gone and done their apprenticeships to learn their skills, have to pay registration, licensing, buy tools and equipment, the list goes on.

I wouldn’t dream of ringing up a friend and asking their partner to come over and do my taxes, because they are an accountant and I am a cheap skate.

Nor would I dare ask a girlfriend who happens to work in childcare if she can come over and look after my kids on a Saturday afternoon because that’s what she does for work.

And this doesn’t just happen to the electricians, plumbers, chippies but also to the hairdressers and beauticians.

No, your ‘friend’ doesn’t want to work all day Saturday and then come to your place to do your hair for FREE for a party just because your ex will be there.

Thirdly, why would someone want to do something for you for FREE when they have been doing it, being paid for it, since 7am in the morning?

So for those of us that are fed up with random friends you haven’t seen for 2 years, calling in a FREE favour, here’s my tip “Thanks for thinking of him, but he doesn’t have time for any more cash jobs at the moment” they get the hint.

2) We don’t work for our hubbys, we work with them #teamwork– the most underestimated asset in a trade businesses.

‘I just do the books’ is what a tradie wife might say but I call BS right there.

For those POTS that have a family owned business they never just do one thing.

They generally do the bookkeeping, manage the pays, looks after accounts payable, accounts receivable, customer service, all the marketing, ensuring all the paper work and licenses are up to date, product sourcing and pricing the list goes on.

And they do it will love.

Not love of the work but for their partner because in my extensive experience I have never once come across a tradie that says ‘I love admin work’.

So here is the thing, stop making the assumption that these women work ‘for their husband’.

Frankly, most of my male clients will tell you themselves that if it wasn’t for the juggling geniuses who manage a company, their family and still turn up for all the parents association meetings and volleyball tournaments, their business would have been down the drain years ago.

They know that there their partners are the most valuable asset in their business and it is time that these women realise the same.

Infact, I changed the name of my marketing coaching program from ‘Fully Booked Marketing Makeover’, to ‘The Asset’ based on the feedback of my male clients who had come to me to help their wives get better (and more confident) in doing the marketing.

So here is to those of you who are the most valuable asset in the family business, I see you and I don’t underestimate you!

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