The biggest mistake 90% are making with your lead magnet…

“You just need traffic from a Facebook ad, a lead magnet and some emails and you too can make 6 figures just like me…”

This is the common instructions that I am seeing from social media ‘gu-roos’ and influencers.

But often their business model is basically…

‘buy my high-end coaching program about how to sell a high-end program’

Let me just step off the soapbox for a second and take a depth breath before I continue…


So they are correct in that you do need traffic from an ad, you do need a lead magnet and you do need emails

But it is a little more to it than that.

Actually, a hell of a lot more.

Just like there is a little more to cars that putting in petrol, even if that is only the part YOU actually do.

But I will focus on the problem with your lead magnets because it is actually an easy fix (even though it feels like the hardest thing to get right)

And in one sentence explain the biggest mistake 90% of you are making.


The lead magnet you create must be strategically linked to the product you want to sell.

I know right.. mind-blowing.

What you entice people in with must lead them on a journey that shows that what you offer is the solution for the problem they have.

For example: My Hot Hooks Template comes straight out of my One Woman Marketing Plan Program.

It’s covered in week 1, activity 3.

By using this as my lead magnet, the end result is that I have a list of eager female business owners who are interested in the main program I have available.

Now I have a market to them until they buy, unsubscribe or die (whichever comes first.)

Simple right.

So spend 2 minutes checking you are doing this one thing correctly.

Check that your lead magnet plugs directly into your program, product or service.

If it does, gold star for you.

If not, a personal message to me can help you fix it fast.