Take Yourself Off The Sales Rack

As a woman I love a bargin but we know that there is a time and place for the sales rack.

And your entire business is not one of them!

Undervaluing your products and services is an obstacle on your way to financial success and freedom.

You want to create a business that you love and a bank account that you adore, don’t you?

I am talking to you if:
1) You continue to work with clients even when their account is more than 60 days overdue
2) You barter or trade services for something that you don’t really want, ie; you exchange your accounting services with a pregnancy photographer and your kids are 20 years old!
3) You ‘have coffee’ with people that want to just ‘pick your brain’ about your expertise
4) You answer more than two questions specific to someones business even though they will never become a client!

Stop it!

Effective immediately you need to set yourself some boundaries of what you will and won’t accept in your business.

It can be tricky move away from this but maybe there is something in your marketing that it attracting these type of people?

If you think there might be, then get in touch.

It might help to look at it this way, I do not do ‘Not For Profit Work’ for ‘For Profit’ businesses.


P.S Before you think that I am just a big meanie and I don’t help people for free, you might like to know that I was awarded the ‘Individual Volunteer of the Year 2014’ in my electorate for the work I do with various charities that support new mums, victims of domestic violence and educational services for women. I use my skills to help Not-For-Profits because frankly they could never afford someone like me.

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