Eve John is available as a Keynote Speaker, Guest Presenter or Trainer. Eve has spoken live on stage in front of crowds ranging from 20 to 5,000. She has shared the stage with some of the worlds best speakers and leading world experts including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michelle Bridges, Gary Vaynerchuck and Mark Bouris and has been seen in over 41 media publications from The Age, Cosmopolitan to Channel Ten and Triple M.

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” … a leader in her industry” Australian Woman’s Business Network

“…a true entreprenuerwoman.com.au

”…an absolute genius” Grace Lever, The Doers Way

“one of the best in the business when it comes to marketing and mindsetTotal Success Summit

“Creating ‘in a box’ marketing systemsThe Leader

Eve’s popular topics included:

Copywriting Sales Secrets Of A Half-A-Billion Dollar Copywriter

From her No. 1 Bestselling Amazon book, How To Get Inside The Heads, Hearts And Purses Of Your Female Clients So They Buy Now…

This session will cover:

–    The Number #1 Mistake Female Entrepreneurs Are Making In Their Advertising. This is a big one! If you don’t know this, you are leaving money on the table each time you run an ad or use any type of marketing

–    The Only Real Motivator Behind Potential Clients Buying Decisions. You might have heard people say ‘we buy with emotion and back it up with logic’ well this will tell you why it is the Golden Rule Of Selling

–    The 5 Key Emotions You Need To Focus On in your sales letter, advertising, videos & social media posts so you can connect with your audience. It doesn’t matter how many hacks you know, what technology you are using, if you can’t tap into these key emotions you won’t make a sale, especially if you are marketing to women

Plus your attendees  get a free copy of my newest book, How To Get Inside The Heads, Hearts and Purses of Your Female Clients So They Buy Now

Message Mastery: How To Create A Sales Message That Attracts Savvy Clients

One Of Australia’s Most In-Demand Strategists For Female Entrepreneurs Reveals

• The 6 key elements of a money-making message

• Step-by-step instructions to create a clear, concise and compelling message for your brand

• Language of struggle vs. the language of challenge, which one you need for your clients

• REVEALED: The # 1-way professional copywriters easily create brand messages for their clients every day that you can use too

• What is a Messaging Playbook and how do you make one?

• The 11 top places you need to share your message (6 you will know, but the other 5 might surprise you)

Perfect for coaches who are looking to add value to their programs by having one of Australia’s most indemand copywriters share her expertise.

 Me and our product featured at World Plumbing DayFrom Broken Back To Breakthrough Global Product: a local manufacturing startup’s story

Hear the motivating and inspiring story of how we took our business from an idea created in a hospital room to global product available world wide.

I share my tips and roadblocks and how I overcame them to create a global product which has been recognised in many prestigious Australian business awards.


Eve and her businesses have been feature both Nationally and Interntationally

So You Want To Be Famous – How to get media coverage and raise your profile

Wanna Be on the Front Cover? I Can Show You The Secrets To Get Awesome Publicity Without Spending a Cent! Get Free Advertising and Major Media Coverage to Build Your Brand and Become THE EXPERT in Your Industry. 

My Three Top Tips Tell You How: to find your gold in your business, get the journalist seek you out and tie your business into current events


Taming Your Inner Critic – Sending your inner mean girl to reform school

From her No. 1 Bestselling Amazon book, Confident You! Top Self Confidence Boosters for Women

So many of us women our lives, constantly struggle with our own inner critic. That little voice inside our heads that tells us we are not good enough, could never achieve anything or that we are not worth it.

Often when we want to try something new or overcome a challenge that ‘inner mean girl’ marches forward to tell us why we can’t, so we don’t.

Sadly it is estimated that about 75% of the chatter that goes on in our head is negative.

But we have to ask ourselves, if you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way that you speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be a friend?

Dealing with the ‘inner mean girl’ is a challenge but there are ways to create our own reform school and enrol her daily.

In this session you will discover how to identify you inner critic, focus on when and how she most commonly appears, start to implement some simple strategies to tame her constant chatter and overcome her constant negativity so you are able to lead a more confident life.

Custom topic tailored to your audience

On a rare occasions, Eve will create a custom talk just to the meet the unique needs of special audiences. Please contact vip@evejohn.com.au if you have an idea for a specific topic or theme you would like Eve to speak on with your event attendees.