I have a range of Copywriting, Consulting and 

Private Coaching Programs Available

Before you read what is below, I need you to understand

I come with a Warning Label I believe:

Do The Work. Intensity creates success

I Don’t Do Fluff: I’ll hold your hand, but I’ll also drag you along on your butt

I See You Hiding: I know what you can do even before you do

Feedback Should Be Frank. I dish it out. And I can take it too

Money Loves Speed.  Move fast. Keep up

You Need More Insights Not Information. My stuff is all killer, no filler.

Massive, Immediate and Imperfect Action. Be fast, make mistakes, recalibrate

Dominate, Don’t Dabble. Which means:

  • No slackers: My programs are intense. I expect you to do the work.
  • No complainers: Nothing gets accomplished when you complain.
  • No closed minds: I am super-duper open-minded. I’ve heard it all. I’ve done it all.

Still here?

Excellent, it shows me you are ready to go next level.

Private Coaching And Mentoring Services:

“The One Woman Marketing Method™” Taking female service-based solo-prenuers to $15k and beyond in sales each month

No fancy websites or complex tech. No cheesy videos or expensive paid ads. No staff or wasted hours on social media

Open to new clients January 2021 email vip@evejohn.com.au to get on the wait list 


“The Asset Mentoring ProgramBecause You Are The Most Valuable Part Of Your Business (by invitation only)

As an awarded mentor this program is designed to give you strategy, implementation and the results you need to take your business to the next level, impacting on more people and serving more clients, profitably.

‘The Asset’ is different because it is a comprehensive system, covering marketing and sales strategies and implementation that address the foundation for success.

This isn’t some dry online training portal where you’re left to your own devices and will lose interest as fast as you press the BUY button.

When you work with me you get logical and strategic business advice with the sole purpose of putting into action the steps needed to move your business forward fast.

Kind of boring if you are looking for glitter and unicorns.

Very exciting if you are looking for increased profits and a better business.

You’ll actually get one on one consulting, coaching and support from me, including customised strategies, templates AND COPY that will
radically transform your business.

The Australian Innovation Awarded “Fully Booked Tradies System”, Turns your quotes into paying customers

Helping Australian Tradies make more money in their business.

Solving the biggest issue many trade business owners face, converting quotes and growing your businesses.

Unlike some marketers, who want you to spend all of your time online, making social media memes and having to learn about Google and other technologies, this marketing and sales system requires only minimal effort, as 90% of the work is already done.

Your tailor-made quote system allows you to position yourself as the expert, provides credibility and makes you the celebrity of your area.

Copywriting Services:

  • Long-form (read: 5,000+ words) sales page copywriting— thoroughly researched, original messaging that woos your clients, story based with juicy sales bullets PLUS self-qualify criteria to ensure you attract the right people
  • Landing page copy. Get it right from the start and become a stand out in the market. This is your first chance to get them into you funnel and a professionally written landing page increases conversions, which leads to more potential clients on your list
  • ‘Thank You’ pages. This is where most people go wrong. This is the first real opportunity you have to wow your clients and showcase your irresistible offer. Here is where you make your offer to talk with you one-on-one, inside your discovery call/ sales consult call or
  • Nurture email sequences driving them back to your sales page or calendar, including the very important welcome email AND the magic stick email that reengages them to consume the lead magnet (higher consumption of your lead magnet = higher sales), the social proof email and the survey email to build engagement and starts conversations with you
  • Story-based sales emails driving to the calendar or sales page. Worried you will bore your clients? With story-based emails you can keep them entertained, engaged and educate them at the same time. Story-based emails also allow you to sell without that ‘in your face’ ‘buy my stuff now’ BS
  • Consult call show up emails, designed to do all the heavy lifting and pre-sell your program or offer so the consult call is simply a formality. It also decrease no-shows so your potential clients don’t flake out when they are nervous
  • Targeted media release. Your opportunity to get free advertising, exposure and those credibility building ‘as seen in’ logos. Created in line with expertise and content in your lead magnet for the media outlet it includes headlines, hooks, statistics, all the things journalists and interviews love.
  • Reengagement emails. You’ve worked hard to build it or even paid money to get them with ads so let’s utilise them now. These emails can be sent out to your current database or contacts as a re-engagement sequence to give them the opportunity to have first access to the program.
  • Testimonial rewrites. Repurpose your testimonials so that can be used across all aspects of your sales and marketing, social proof leads to more sales and you already have them.
  • FAQ responses. The most overlooked aspect of a sales funnel, this is where you can convert those on-the-fence prospects.
  • Onboarding and Welcome emails. Onboard your new clients and show you care. This will allow you to banish refund requests, keep them engaged, getting better results and turning your new students into raving life-long fans.

Email vip@evejohn.com.au to get access to packages, prices and availablity