You need to save yourself first


We all know that when you fly you have to sit through the safety demonstrations.

I fly often so I know the drill, the brace position, where the exits are and not to take my personal items. Something that stuck out this afternoon was the emphasis on ensuring that you tend to yourself and your own oxygen mask before assisting others around you.

I think that the reason that this really resinated with me today was that often I am working with women who are so busy tending to others in their business and personal lives that they have not been taking care of themselves.

We forget that we need to take care of ourselves otherwise we will not be able to give everyone the energy and support that they need from us.

If we have nothing left in our oxygen tanks we cannot sustain ourselves let alone others.

There are many ways to sustain yourself and take the time for yourself.

It doesn’t have to be days at the spa with full treatments but just little things that we do for ourselves can make a difference in refuelling ourselves and our lives.

For me many of the simple things that I do on a daily or weekly basis make the difference.

  • I treat myself to fresh flowers each week
  • I invest in beautiful tea pots to have my tea in
  • I read most days, something that inspires me
  • I like to write in my journal each day

These things are sacred to me and don’t take long or are not costly but I feel that they are what really helps me to get refuel myself and my mind so that I have more to give, I can then share what I have with others, sustaining us all.