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Running your business whilst running your family

Having your own business is challenging, but add a family and children into the mix, takes things to a whole new level.

How do you manage to get it all done? How can you manage to fit everything in so that you can be present for you family and for your business?

You will hear a lot about focusing on getting a work – life balance.

But I say screw a balance.

I want to tip the scale in favour of my family.

So here are some tips that I have learnt on my own journey and from others who are further along than me to make sure that I can streamline everything to fit my life, on my terms:

Spend some time planning on either Friday afternoon before you finish your week, or on a Sunday. Work out what you need to get done, write it down, figure out what is important, what you can delegate and what needs your full attention. Just getting it on paper I have found can help to really reduce stress and endless mind chatter about what I have to do.

Find your peak time for work. I know for me that my peak time is 11am – 1pm. That is the best time for me to be creative, get my writing done, do client work and apply my focus and attention best. If you want to find yours, try using the app Less Doing Peak Time

Create a routine for everything and stick to it. I have certain things that I do on a set day or at set time. I block these out, turn my phone on Do Not Disturb, turn off the wireless and get it done. I do all my client calls on Friday afternoon,  I focus on reaching out to new potential clients at the same time every day,  I do my content syndication at the time daily. AND importantly I schedule in everything that I have to do with my family so that I know that I am not going to miss those important appointments.

These things have helped me to make sure that I get everything done and that everything that needs my attention gets it. It allows to work towards a total unbalance, where myself and my family gets more of my time than my business.

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