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Repeat Business Can Keep You Booked Solid

One of the most searched phrases on Google is ‘how to get new customers’ and it is a very commonly asked question I get, when running workshops and speaking at events.

We all know the old adage; it takes 5-6 times more money to get a new client than it does to get repeat business from an existing client.

So why is it we are always chasing the new?

Now, if you are just started out and you don’t have any clients, obviously you need to get new clients or else you don’t have a business.

However what about spending a little time and money on your old (existing) clients.

One of the things that I am known for is helping my clients convert their quotes into sales.

I started doing this because I knew that my tradie clients didn’t really have the systems or the know how to follow up on the quotes that they were doing.

It was simply a numbers game for them.

They knew that they would win 5 out of 10 quotes, so they just had to do 10 new quotes to get 5 new jobs.

But this was time consuming, costly in resources, time and money, and a pain in the arse.

Once they have my systems in place they have automated ways to follow up the client, with a system that does 95% of the work to win the job.

But it doesn’t end there.

We have a plan to follow up every quote, win or lose.

If they choose someone else, we get a second bite of the cherry by following them up 6 months and a year late.

Those clients who we do get, are then followed up with an automated system that puts you front of mind when your clients are looking for your services again.

You have put in the work, you may as well get the reward, over and over again.

The average lifetime of a customer is 5 years in most industries, but in trades it can be much longer.

And that might be because you don’t use the services every 3 months, like a hairdresser or weekly like a retailer.

Imagine if you got repeat work from all of the clients that you had in the past year.

Each and every year you got more clients and more repeat business from them and your entire client list.

That is a fully booked business.

They already know you.

They know you do good work.

They already trust you will provide them with a reasonable rate.

So, think about how many clients you have serviced in the past year  and consider how many of them have come back repeatedly.

If you don’t know where to start about being front of mind as their go-to service provider, get in touch and I can share some of the top ways my clients are filling their diary’s with repeat business.


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