How Do I Know I Am Ready To Tender For Contracts

A great question that has come up three times over the past month with clients.
Tendering is the next step for you when you see your competitors winning bigger contracts than you or some of your clients ask
you to tender for a bigger project.

I asked industry leader Chris Dennis of Win Win Tendering and Tendering University (the only Uni for tradies that want to make
money) to give me the run down on how to know if your business is ready. Chris knows her stuff, she is a guest speaks for the
likes of Master Plumbers of South Australia and the National Electricians and Communications Association and has helped many
local business successfully tender for collectively 100’s of millions of dollars of work.

Here are some questions Chris wants you to ask yourself, to see if you are ready for tendering:

  • Are all your company details and insurances up to date? Basic things like ABN, GST registered, public and private liability
    insurances and WorkCover
  • Do you have the policies you need to run your business? Environmental, Safety, Quality
  • Are your processes documented and implemented? Project management, onboard clients, safe work methods, meeting
  • Can you demonstrate your track record? Before’s and after’s of projects, testimonials, references
  • Do you have valid licenses? For all the work under the scope, white cards etc

This is an outline of what you need to have in place.


Because with tenders you are asking a company to trust that you will deliver on time and on budget, a quality product or service.

If you think that you are ready with these things, or you want to create these things so you can tender for jobs, I can introduce
you to Chris or you can contact her directly at or visit the website

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