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Questions Your Customers Face On Voting Day And Quoting Day

With the fall out of the Liberal Party in Australia last week,  we have a new Prime Minister.

Social media has imploded with all of the opinions, memes and jokes that whilst entertaining, raise a good point.

The main theme that I have noticed is ‘they are all the same, how do we even know who to vote for?’

The ‘experts’ suggest that you should vote for someone that is professional, has your best interests at heart and will do the job right.

Similarly, this is the issue that many of your customers have when trying to decide which quote to accept.

Here are the questions your customers face on voting and quoting day:

Do you base it on price?Equivalent to where politicians are positioned on the ballot paper, just a random decision that some people make, these voters/customers don’t really care about the outcome

What about the one with the best website? – Like the most polished politician who ‘looks’ the part, all glitz and glamour but can they really do the work?

The one you remember best? Based on their name maybe? who have been in the media the most, or ones what have the biggest advertisements, voters/customers may go with what is familiar so it is important to be front of mind.

Many people will choose their politicians and tradesmen randomly, but like a politician who has experts at their disposals so that they can get their marketing right, you can too can market yourself into the best position.

I know that some of you are looking for help right now so that you can apply a better strategy for your business so, that you make more sales on your quotes and stop wasting times doing quotes the ones you won’t win.

Let’s schedule an exploratory call to see if we are the right fit to working together.

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