• If you need to get yourself in front of your customers but you don’t know how or don’t know what to say then you need to speak with Eve John. I have received incredible value from working with Eve and in our short time together I have a clear direction for where I want my business to be in the next three months, I have started a direct marketing campaign to attract more clients and I have made an invaluable business friend.   The best part about working with Eve is she has the knowledge and experience to make your project a success. If you follow her advice and do exactly what she tells you to do then you can’t go wrong. I trust her completely with my business messaging and strategies.

    Michelle Flemming Communication Specialist
  • Eve is a wealth of knowledge and an expert in her field! She is so easy to talk and an absolute professional. I can't thank Eve enough for her assistance in getting my business off the ground and my name out there. Highly, highly recommended!

    Megan Goodes Awarded Photographer
  • Wow. I just got off a call with Eve and was blown away by her expertise! She was full of creative ideas and really helped me get a clearer picture re my email marketing plan for the launch of my online membership offering. Definitely keen to work with her again! Thanks so much, Eve

    Sally Wood
  • I saw Eve present recently and she made the audience go awww, oh, and crack up laughing, on several occasions... listening to her made you feel all the emotions possible and that's what you want for your target audience! I am so happy to be working with her now to make my ideal client "feel something" through my stories and my marketing message

    Esther De La Cruz Author and Change Maker
  • Honestly amazing. Now I can publish my website with confidence and she has saved me not only a bunch of time but my sanity as well. She obviously loves what she does because she is so proficient at it, but more than that, if she works with you, she loves you, and you really get a sense that she cares for you. I know she does for me, and she looks after me really well :) Thank you Eve, with all of my heart xxx

    Elisa McRae Coach, The Little Blue Dress Project
  • I absolutely LOVE working with Eve! She always gives me bankable advice and ways to skyrocket our business! She sees and creates brilliance in our business that we would never see in ourselves! An absolute word smith!!

    Emily Greenway Empower You TV