Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Simple

For many business owners, business growth seems like a giant overwhelming process requiring so many moving part it makes a building a rocket look like child’s play.

Many of my clients complain that it is their inner critic, that negative mindset that questions whether things are going to improve or change at all, questioning if there is really any business growth?

Well, here is [bctt tweet=”a method to silence that annoying bitch and prove to yourself that your business is growing every day”].

It’s simple and takes me 5 minutes at the end of the day.

Simply write down 10 things that prove you on the path to profits each day.

I call it a ‘Success Evidence Log

Big or small.

Whether money changed hands or not.

For example:

  • Got 9 new subscribers today
  • Had an enquiry from a new client
  • Spoke to former client about her new product

Keeping this ‘success evidence log’ will train your brain, giving you proof of what is already working and what opportunities are open to you.

When you realise that every little bit you do counts, you really start to see the changes and growth and what is truly possible.

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