Using Pester Power In Your Business

Thank goodness school is back.

School holidays cost me a fortune and my kids are only 4 and 6. Technically I am only one year in.

Is is not just because we like to take the kids out and go on trips but because often I, like many other parents, have to buy my kids things so they will leave me along for 10 minutes so I can hear myself think.

Sound familiar?

Whilst at our beach house in Philip Island, the kids were bombarded for an ad for the local carnival.

Every door we walked through there was a poster, every paper we picked up there was a advert, every time we have to drive into town, there were the carni folk all dressed up handing out invitations.

2 days in and my husband is losing his mind. After the kids see the ad about the 6.30 opening time on the television at 6.25, they wear him down, he throws everyone in the car and drops $280 on over-priced rides he had to go on too as he was concerned that they weren’t up to code and he may have to climb down with the kids strapped to him with his MacGyver styled belt.

Pester power is magic. For marketers of children’s products it is the ideal outcome of all marketing campaigns.

Kids nagging parents to buy them something, wearing them down day after day. Parents finally giving in, the product being brought.

So how can you tap into pester power in your industry. How do you do it if you are not selling anything to kids at all?

You need to stand out as different. You need to become memorable to the kids. You need to treat the kids with respect and you need to spoil them!

Here are some of the ways that I have implemented a pester power style method into trade clients businesses:

  • Creating a super-dog cartoon that was given to the kids with some pencils. The kids colour it in, mums put it on the fridge, the plumbers logo and business name becomes front of mind for the mum as she sees is, or has had to colour it in.
  • Logo embossed footballs, basketballs or any type of sports balls, again it is repeat recognition for the brand
  • Mini t-shirts. Reece Plumbing does this very well with a ‘ Don’t risk it ask my Dad’ (they also have mums ones too, available by special order)

These are all marketing components that a parent will keep because it was a gift ‘for their child’.

The kids, impressed by your awesomeness, keep asking when you are coming back. Purely for their own selfish reasons, because you might have something different for them next time!

Want to know more about how you can implement this type of marketing into your business? Click here and I can reveal this and many other methods that can turn your quotes into paying customers.