Confident Women Top Personal Presentation Tips

We all have people that we know in our lives who always look polished and well put together, like they have just finished a photoshoot for Vogue magazine. We envy them, it makes them seem unflappable, like they can handle any situation, their personal presentation is spot on.

Now I am not saying that personal presentation is the only way to get confidence, it can however certainly let others see you as more confident, but it doesnt just mean what you wear.

We have all heard how important first impressions are. But not everybody knows that the “first impression” is actually only a seven second window upon meeting someone for the first time.

So how can you make a positive first impression on either an interview, date, sales presentation or when speaking to a group?

1) SMILE – The best way is to simply smile. Why, because is it is one of the simple social pleasures of life, which goes almost unnoticed because it’s generally automatic, is when you smile at someone and they smile back.

Also is a great way for your to relax in any situation. When you smile for 5 minutes you will be in state of happiness. The chemicals in the brain can be ‘tricked’ into belief that you are actually feeling a feeling, through the physical sense.

’cause when you’re smiling, The whole world smiles with you’

Think of a situation that always makes you smile, a real genuine smile, one that starts at the eyes and goes all the way across your face.

Focus on how you feel when you think of this situation.

Capture this feeling in your mind and the next time that you are going into a situation that you find uncomfortable or where you will be meeting someone for the first time, think of this memory and feel the smile spread

2) POSTURE – The next golden rule is concentrate on your posture.Imagine that there is a piece of string that is running through your body from your head to pelvis. Pretend that this piece of string is pulling you up, with your hips forward, your chest out, shoulders rolled back and chin parallel to the ground. This will provide you with a confidence stance that will hold you up straighter and give you the appearance of being more confidence.

3) INTRODUCTIONS – ‘HELLO, my name is’. Consider how you would introduce yourself to people when they ask what you do.

Don’t just respond with ‘ Oh I am a Sales Manager’, Create a powerful statement that describes what you do, you can use something similar to my example. By the way, if you are not working at the moment as you are raising your children, you are not ‘A stay at home mum’  you are ‘A Household Executive’

Looking confident is an important aspect of any successful working life or career.



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