Pay Once – Cry Once. My Big Expensive Mistake

Nearly 16 months ago we signed a contract for one of our physical products to be taken over by an Australian distributor.
We were so excited about it.
It was what we had been working towards, literally creating the four hour work week ( I now know much more about that myth )
We have a lawyer who we normally dealt with but as it was over the Christmas period of 2013, we wanted to get signed before the New Year, when the contract came through we had someone in the family ‘read over it’.They are legally trained but they are not an expert in the field.They had offered to do it to ‘save us the money’.Fast forward for a year later and we had to terminate the contract as they were not meeting their requirements.When I rang my lawyer to help us to terminate the contract he steamed ‘this contract is very unfair to you! Who in this office approved it!’I was annoyed at myself as he explained what we were going to have to do to get out of it, and that potentially we may not until 2017.If we had paid an expert to do it initially, we would have:
– gotten out of this deal five months ago
– been able to get our product back on the market a lot sooner
– not have lost nearly 16 months worth of revenue
– saved thousands in lawyers fees and our own wasted hours

Worst still, it would only cost us $1,700 to have the lawyer do it!

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Pay the expert to do it.

Whether you pay them to do it for you or you have to learn how to do it yourself, wasting your time, getting frustrated and making mistakes, it is going to cost you!

What do you need to get a expert to do for you in sales and marketing, your website sales copy, your auto responders, your book launch?
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