Business tips for tradesmen


When you are actually talking to potential clients it’s really great to be able to talk about the benefits of your work but is a lot easier if you’ve got other people doing the talking and selling for you.

For many businesses, 20 to 50% of their work comes in from referrals from others so having testimonials is a really powerful thing that you can have within your marketing.

But I know that a lot of people find it really uncomfortable to ask somebody for a testimonial.

So I’m giving you my three top tips to make it less awkward and uncomfortable for you

  1. Make it easy for them to say yes. Set things up so that you do all the work rather than just asking somebody for a testimonials and leaving them to their own devices. Either a pre-write paragraph that they can change or use a template. It means that people can fill in the blanks and they are done.
  2. Use the request as a complement. Rather than just saying ‘Hey, can you give me a testimonial?’ tell the client that you ‘Really enjoy working with you, you made  my life a lot easier as you know the design. It would be really brilliant to get more clients like you. I was wondering if you could give me a testimonial?’ What you are doing is complementing the client whilst actually asking them to do your bit of a favour. Then you simply give them the template and that they can fill it in. Again making them easier for them to say yes.
  3. Use the compliments they already gave you. It is really effectively when you chatting with somebody and they give you a complement to just to note it down or remember that complement. Later, once the projects finished you can say to them ‘You happened to mention that you really thought that < insert particular thing> is really great. I was wondering if I could use that as part of a testimonials for my business.

Once you have the testimonials you can use them throughout your marketing!

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