AGREEMENT BETWEEN: Client name, (hereinafter: CLIENT) and Eve
John (hereinafter: CONSULTANT)

INDEMNITY: It should be noted that Client accepts
full and sole responsibility for the accuracy and legality of the copy as it is
used in final form and for whatever use Client makes of it in advertising, direct-mail,
online etc., and indemnifies Consultant against any and all liabilities or
costs arising from

Client’s use of provided copy and advice. Both parties
acknowledge that Consultant cannot be expected to be familiar with the legal
aspects of Client’s business, and should Client need independent legal evaluation
of furnished copy or advice, Client will seek such counsel from a lawyer or
other appropriate professional. Under no circumstances can Consultant be held
liable in anyway, for any reason, for an amount exceeding compensation paid to
Consultant by Client.

OWNERSHIP OF WORK: All work performed and provided by
Consultant is ‘work for hire’, and product of that work is the property of
Client, and may be copyright protected by Client, with the caveat and
acknowledgement that there may be recycling of certain ideas, themes or copy in
this work for this Client and other past or future work by Consultant for other
Clients. Consultant reserves right to use work for example purposes in
Consultant’s seminars, coaching programs and publications such as books and newsletters.
Consultant reserves right to publish and distribute copies of the copywriting
work performed per this agreement with members of his various coaching group,
trainings about publications, and/or as samples in manuals used in seminars or

RE-SALE RIGHTS RESTRICTION: Under no circumstances is
Client authorized to create an information product for sale that is comprised
entirely or primarily of the copy provided by Consultant and/or Client’s
marketing materials utilizing said copy, nor is Client authorized to otherwise
re-sell said copy via licensing, publication, shared use or other means or media.
Copy is provided only and exclusively for use by Client in Client’s own
business, for advertising, marketing and promotion of the product(s)/service(s)
described in this document.

PAYMENT: The payment is 2 x $2500 (inc gst) with the first $2500 payable in full at the onset and the final payment made in 28 days.

By making payment you acknowledge that you  understand and agree to these terms and conditions.