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Shortcut Confessions Of A Half-A-Billion Dollar Copywriter
How To Get Into The Heads, Hearts and Purses Of Your Female Clients, So They Buy Now!
“If you ever get that nagging feeling, right in the pit of your stomach, that you’re not getting the real scoop on how to write copy that sells … like maybe you’re missing out on something … that the advice you’re getting is missing the one KEY ingredient that’s stopping you from amassing a fortune … then don’t wait a moment longer. Read this letter now … you don’t want to miss out on what I’m going to reveal!”
From: Eve John  
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  

Hello there my friend

If you're selling anything online... what you're about to discover in this brief message is CRUCIAL to your success.

Especially if you want to start attracting more of your ideal female clients.

Today, several female entrepreneurs are seemingly making a killing simply by having sales letters, emails and social media posts that tap right into the heads, hearts and purses of their clients.

And they seem to do it effortlessly.

Bear in mind, selling things online is a lot harder than selling things offline because you lack the sincerity of voice and body language.

So how do they do it?

By writing copywriting that converts.

Copywriting is the ability to turn words into sales and is probably the most important aspect of any business. 

And if you know how to tap into the power of copywriting to excite the emotions of your customers, you’ll be laughing your way to the bank. 

But if you don’t know the first thing about copywriting and you haven't used it in your marketing, you are not alone.

Maybe you have been told, it is not that important.

The self-anointed gurus... hawking their make money "flopportunities"... have told you are just "one {whatever they are selling} away, or "you just need a Facebook ad, lead magnet, a simple sales page and follow up emails and you too can make a hundred figures!" and even "take my proven copy and just make it your own," unfortunately that is not how it works.

And at the risk of killing one of their sacred (cash) cows, I want to tell you this...

Yes, their copy sells well, but it doesn't work when you cut and paste like that! 

To get any sort of interaction, to 'stop the scroll' so to speak you have to be able to get inside their heads and speak to them on an emotional level.

How do I know this?

Because I wrote the copy for the sales pages that sold many of those courses. 

In fact, if you have brought a product from some of the world’s leading female entrepreneur selling 6 week course, chances are you brought based on the emotional, irresistible, perfect solution, have to have it now, sales letter I created.

I wrote them after years of experience, hours of research and actually working through the programs that they are selling. 

You see that is what professional copywriters do. 

It is not as easy as taking someone else's ideas, making a few changes and BOOM you are on your way to six figures...

So rather than letting them continue on like that, I have decided to give you an advance, express, condensed version of what I have learnt in my past 7 years writing sales copy that sells.

The same stuff I have been teaching LIVE behind closed doors for many years for many of the high-end masterminds and inner circles my clients run.

Because I know to have a business that is profitable you...

Need To Create Copy That Converts?
Good, because I have just the thing that can help you.

It's my new book "How To Get Inside The Heads, Hearts and Purses Of Your Female Clients, So They Buy Now"

I’m super pumped to get this book to you because it isn’t just another marketing and sales business manual full of fluff and empty promises... 

You see, instead of just telling you what to do, I show you how as well.

My background is in adult education, so I know how to teach properly.

I know you need the RIGHT information in the RIGHT sequence to get the result as FAST as possible!

Because you don't need more information, you need insight.

I'm going to give you real examples of my paid-for copy work so you can instantly see what needs to be done.

And don’t worry, it won’t take you weeks to read.

At under 100 pages you could finish it and start attracting your female clients all in one day...
It’s About Much MORE Than Just Attracting Clients... I'm talking the RIGHT type of clients!
Grace Lever
Founder - The Doers Way, 8 Figure Female Entrepreneur
"{Eve} is so much more than just a copywriter because she's got such a good ability to identify people's genius zones. Her ability to look at you, figure out what your genius zone is, figure out the market and how we are going to approach that, kind of give you an action plan to do that. We have the same genius zone basically in that sense, and then being able to figure out the steps we need to execute that which is sometimes hard on a lot of industries, at figuring out what your unique voice is. She's got the ability to cut through and give your voice because if you just say what everyone else is saying, or what you think people want to hear, they see straight through it. And she is able to find your voice and bring that out in copy and scripts, and all that kind of component of copy and marketing...”
Annie Murray
Australia's Largest Photography Business Coach

"I've worked with million dollar funnel creators and I have to say, the power of the offers that Eve is able to create is what adds a zero on the end of a product launch. She creates offers so irresistible that you either end up on your ideal client's vision board or their credit card statement!"
Here’s a sneak peek of what you will be reading inside this Amazon #1 Best Selling...

  •  The first thing you must do if you want to make maximum sales. (See Page 10)
  • ​Why your U.S.P. and your product’s features and benefits don’t mean a damn thing in the beginning… and why they are only important once you understand this basic, but little-known principle. (Page 10)
  • ​A 49-word statement uttered generations ago by one of the world’s top marketers… and how it lays the foundations to emotional copy … plus an easy way you can apply it to every copy piece you do to get maximum results. (Page 11)
  • ​How knowing that people are weird can instantly transform you into a street-savvy marketer. (Page 11)
  • ​Why the principles of emotional copywriting don’t change when you’re writing to the CEO on the 70th floor or to the janitor working in the basement. (Page 12)
  • ​If you can remember what’s it like to fall in love? Then your copy is going to  sizzle! (Page 12)
  • ​How Robert Collier summed it up in 12 words … and how… if you really take this on board, you’ll never starve! (Page 12)
  • ​Why if you’re trying to sell your product you’ll lose every single time. You’ll see how to flip your thinking from product to prospect, and how to emphasise and really feel exactly what she is going through. (Page 13)
  • ​How to emotionally charge every headline you write! (Page 14)
  • ​See an example of how to supercharge a good headline and turn it into a powerhouse winner. (Page 15)
  • ​The one BIG difference about writing to women as opposed to men. And men, if you really get this, it’ll improve your love life not just your copy. (Page 16)
  • ​The real reason why people buy… and no it’s not what they tell you. (Page 16)
  • ​Here’s a big tip on writing emotionally charged copy and it begins before you write a damn thing. (Page 17)
  • ​The one thing you must provide your customers to achieve maximum response. (Page 20)
  • ​What are you really selling? The answer may surprise you. (Page 21 and 22)
  • ​Example of a winning emotional ad that rams home the importance of emotions and tapping into your prospect’s psychology. (Page 22)
  • ​5 Key emotional factors to concentrate on in your copy. (Page 23)
  • ​The number one reason why people buy. Understand this one and the world will open up to you in more ways than you can imagine. (Page 23)
  • ​And much, much more, that's just the first few chapters!
Lisa Liang
2 x Telstra Business Award Winner
"I just sold my first VIP $6k offer to a new client after working with Eve on the offer, messaging, and outreach plan. She helped me approach it in a way that felt authentic and focused on how I can really be of service to clients. I’m so excited at what this means for my business moving forward!"
Gabrielle Olga
Leading Vegan Lifestyle Coach, Plant Body Australia
"Two hours with this woman has cleared up 5 years of floundering in my messaging and offerings. Eve is hot! And in more ways than one. Get hooked up to the dope this lady is selling. I'm just off our call and I'm already wanting more."

And That’s Just For Starters! Then We Move On And Look At The 8 Critical Elements Of Any Copy Piece…
  • Emotional Headlines: How To Pack Your Headlines With Such Emotional Wallop You Breakthrough The Clutter & Get Your Prospect’s Instant Attention! (See Pages 25 – 34)
  • ​Offers That Convert: How To Create Emotional Offers That Tap Into The Thoughts & Feelings Of Your Prospects… Hitting Them In The Stomach With a Power-Packed Emotional Thud! (See Pages 35 – 45)
  • ​Action Evoking Postscripts: Your Last Chance At Getting The Sale & What To Say To Close The Deal (See Pages 54 – 55)
  • Stories That Sell: The Amazing Seductive Power Of Stories & How They Compel Your Prospects To Read Your Message (See Pages 56 – 60)
  • Attention Grabbers: How To Grab The Attention Of Your Reader & Double The Response Of Every Letter You Mail! (Pages 61 – 65)
  • Magical Openings: Sure-Fire Winning Ways To Start Your Ads & Letters That Get Your Prospect’s Immediate Attention! (Go To Pages 66 – 67)
Why just learn INFORMATION when you can get 
ACCESS and INSIGHT as see what actually works!
In each of the chapters, above you get actual paid-for-copy examples so you’re not left scratching your head. I show you what to do; then I give you example after example so you can nail this in the shortest possible time.
Too many courses teach without showing. Not here. You get templates, proven copy pieces, explanations on why they work and how to apply them to your own products or service. Nothing could be easier. 
So Who Am I To Teach You Copy That Converts?

Copywriting and Messaging Expert with Grace Lever

Marketing and Mindset Event Speaker with Arnie

Speaking Event With Gary Vaynerchuk

Guest Expert Channel Ten

If we haven't meet, I'm Eve and seven years ago, I started my own business from my bedroom with two kids at home full time and an old laptop my Dad had bought me.
I spent hours researching, learning and implementing all aspects of marketing from buyers psychology, all forms of communication and persuasion, copywriting, public relations, speaking, media and social media to work on my husbands business.

Today, I am known as "Australia’s Golden Pen" the marketing strategist and copywriter behind the curtains of some of Australia and the World's most successful and influential brands, products and entrepreneurs.

They have featured me in Fast Company, The Sydney Morning Herald, Channel 10, Cosmopolitan Magazine and stacks of other notable publications.

And I’m called the "Half-A-Billion-Dollar Woman"


Well, to start…

My words have sold over $500,000,000 of products and services in a variety of industries including construction, health & fitness, professional coaching, the workshop/seminar business and entrepreneurial services.

The past 7 years has seen me;

- Writing hundreds of marketing messages that have enabled businesses to have skyrocketing success from the get go

- Working closely with over 442 Australian entrepreneurs on their marketing and their business

- Creating and profitably selling my own products and services

- Winning over 10 awards for my innovative strategies and products

- Featured in over 41 media publications as the go-to-expert for all things marketing, copywriting and mindset for business owners

- Spending over 8,000 hours of research, learning and implementation of all aspects of marketing from copywriting, public relations, speaking, media, social media and all forms of communication and persuasion

- Speaking live on stage in front of crowds ranging from 20 to 5,000

- And I have shared the stage with some of Australians best speakers and leading world experts, including movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, fitness guru Michelle Bridges, leading influencer Grace Lever and real estate expert John McGrath

But listen, I don’t say this to brag...

I tell you this so you know that I am not some fly-by-night Instagram success who has done something ONCE and makes her money trying to teach others how to do it.

So if you are too fancy to learn from someone who’s a nobody in those internet high streets of Instagram Influencers and Facebook Marketers but a honey-dipped client magnet in the underworld… this isn’t for you. 

 "What a pocket Rocket genius..."

Honestly amazing. Now I can publish my website with confidence and she has saved me not only a bunch of time but my sanity as well. She obviously loves what she does because she is so proficient at it, but more than that, if she works with you, she loves you, and you really get a sense that she cares for you. I know she does for me, and she looks after me really well :) Thank you Eve, with all of my heart xxx - Elisa McRae

"Highly, highly recommended..."

Eve is a wealth of knowledge and an expert in her field! She is so easy to talk and an absolute professional. I can't thank Eve enough for her assistance in getting my business off the ground and my name out there. Highly, highly recommended! - Megan Goodes

"Blown away by her expertise..."

Wow. I just got off a call with Eve and was blown away by her expertise! She was full of creative ideas and really helped me get a clearer picture re my email marketing plan for the launch of my online membership offering. Definitely keen to work with her again! Thanks so much, Eve - Sally Wood

"Helped me break through my fear..."

I gotta tell you she helped me break through my Biggest Fear - Self-Doubt ! … I now know Who are my Top Avatars & I now know what I am going to sell them. Eve is a straight talker. Be prepared to start taking ACTION from the moment you touch base with Eve because she is passionate about empowering other women to become High Achievers. - Valerie Mathews 
This Book Shows You How To Write Copy That Sells, The Best Way To Make More Sales To Your Female Customers

But You're Probably Wondering What's Your Investment To Get This Book?...

The investment for this book is $7, and you get it instantly as a digital download, straight to your smart phone or computer, anywhere, anytime.

But why only $7?

Why would I offer this book here online for only $7, when it is worth 4 x more in print from the store or 3 x more online on Amazon you might ask?

Well, because I know money loves speed and hates excuses.

I am all about implementation. 

I know if you have to wait to get this book in the printed version in the post, especially right now with the reallllllyyyyyy slow postage and courier services, it is going to cost you in lost sales (plus you might email me and complain about it and neither of us got time for that)

The pressures of having to spend more time trying to sell to your potential clients and not get it right is going to be time consuming and frustrating.

Basically, I want you to be able to download the book, read through it in a day. 

Take the templates, examples and insights and use them in your business within the next 24hours.

As soon as you place your order today, you'll be sent an email receipt with the instructions to access the download link where you can get it. 

From there you can download the book and read it.

I have done this so you can access your book anywhere, instantly, without having to wait for the post office to get it to you!

You can also access the book on any of your devices too. 

And I have also taken away the biggest excuse people have, I just don't have the money.

Because if $7 is out of your budget for what could be the best investment on how to sell your products or services using words, then you don't have a business, you have a hobby #harshbuttrue

And here is something important I want you to keep in mind…

If you can't get your words right, then everything else you do is a waste of time.

If you can't get inside their heads you are going to continue to find yourself:
  • Posting On Social Media... Wasting hours of your life trying to get the attention of people looking at pictures of cats in tutus. (These ne'er-do-well ninnies don't even qualify as SUSPECTS, let alone prospects)
  • ​Playing "Jeopardy" With Your Customers... asking them 101 survey questions before you try to sell them something weeks or months later...
  • ​Investing Hours, Days, Weeks or MONTHS creating 'content marketing' that's not valued and rarely read. And worse, almost NEVER generates sales
  • ​Building Complicated, 487-Step, If/Then Auto-Responder Sequences... with 90 percent (or more) of your messages NEVER getting delivered or opened
  • Boring Them To Death With Blogs, the same plain vanilla, 'How To's' that have been done to death
  • Podcasting
  • Youtube Videos (if you are like my clients, doing a video is painful enough, having no one watch it is heartbreaking)
  • Tweeting (You've only got 155 characters, you have to get it right)
  • Pinining fancy images (come on, your kidding me right)
Yes, you need to be in front of your potential clients and customers, but if you have to speak to the conversation that is going on inside their heads and I can tell you, cute pictures of your dog or an arty-looking image of coffee on your desk isnt going to cut it.

And those motivational quotes...

Tell me when you have brought something based on a motivational quote, unless it is a coffee cup or has a picture of Jason Mamoa topless on it!
Imagine the difference more sales would make to your business
Now, you could go buy the book on Amazon... but you'll pay almost triple. Plus you'll miss out on the FREE bonus gifts I've got for you too (I'll tell you about those in just a minute.)

Order today and you'll get a book revealing all the most effective, tested and PROVEN "what's working NOW" strategies, systems and secrets for building your business - and your income - as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Listen: it's important that you take advantage of this TODAY.


You see, my working with over 427 clients have taught me many lessons. 

And one of the most important is this:

A year from now... six months from now... heck, maybe even only a couple days from now...

You'll Wish You Had Started TODAY!

Because you'll feel that familiar "kicked in the gut" pain of regret... knowing all the money, freedom and happiness you let yourself miss out on. 

Only because you didn't take advantage of this offer to get my copywriting strategies implemented in your business right away.

Look, I've felt that pain before. And I can tell you this:

There's nothing more agonizing than the pain of regret.

And I don't want you to feel that way.

That's why, just in case you still might be on the fence, I'm going to sweeten the deal for you...

Get your copy of How To Get Inside The Heads, Hearts and Purse Of You Female Clients So They Buy Now, today, and you'll get instant access to...

BONUS #1 Sales Letter Template

This is as "done for you" as I can make it.

It's a proven formula and "fill in the blanks" template for creating high converting sales copy quickly. I originally created this for selling 6 week DIY courses... follow the formula and you can use it for any product or service.

It's hard to assign a value to this because my clients and I have used it to make hundreds of thousands of dollars Since it took a couple hours for me to create, I'll assign it a $2,000 value (my current hourly rate x 2).

BONUS #2 Sales Stick Letters

The number one way to slash refund rates. I use this every time with products and my return rate is under 3%, which is a third of the industry average of 10% for information products. 

Use this in combination with the sales copy template and you've got a tried and true system that lets you practically mint money out of thin air. It's not available for sale anywhere. In fact, I highly doubt it ever will be ($99 value).

BONUS #3 The Super Sign Off

People are begging to be led. So show them exactly, specifically, what you can do to help them in a choose your own adventure style that you can use on every single email you send. A true value of $249 as it was a training I did as a guest expert for my clients mastermind group, they pay $249 per month for access.

 "A very clever lady..."

You are out of this world ! thank you so much for sharing your amazing ability to provide direction, answers, strategies and excitement for me moving forward in my business. A very clever lady that is super giving, caring, honest, straight forward and most of all makes me laugh - Rebecca Rance


I absolutely LOVE working with Eve! She always gives me bankable advice and ways to skyrocket our business! She sees and creates brilliance in our business that we would never see in ourselves! An absolute word smith!! - Emily Greenway

"Shes the real deal..."

Straight to the point with an explanation why is the best way to stay focused and looking forward to your goals! Who knew that a few direct questions from Eve would force me to get the info I needed out of my head and on to paper! If you haven't yet had the pleasure of talking to or meeting Eve, I encourage you to reach out to her! #shestherealdeal - Alicia Weir 

"Feel all the emotions..."

I saw Eve present recently and she made the audience go awww, oh� and crack up laughing � on several occasions... listening to her made you feel all the emotions possible and that's what you want for your target audience! I am so happy to be working with her now to make my ideal client "feel something" through my stories and my marketing messages - Esther De La Cruz 
All 3 Bonuses Worth $2338 Are Yours FREE When You Claim Your Copy of "How To Get Inside The Heads, Hearts and Purses Of Your Female Clients, 
So They Buy Now" Today
One Thing I Want To Make Absolutely Clear…

Not only are you getting the very latest breakthroughs in copywriting… you’re getting a BONUS with your education. A BONUS that will serve you well in any situation; business, personal, and family, it doesn’t matter. This gift will provide you with the skills and confidence to get the best out of every situation you may find yourself.

And the bonus?

It’s the ability to sell. To get a pitch down on paper that sells a product. The ability to sell, to close the deal, is the ability to succeed. If you get no sales you starve; it’s that simple yet that IMPORTANT.

To paraphrase: Nothing happens until you sell something. I fought this for a while when starting out. But I’ve come to accept the fact that “the ability to sell” is THE number ONE most important, ALL-important personal skill.
This is the bonus gift I’m promising you. 

And the best part is THERE IS NO FACE-TO-FACE SELLING… it’s all done from a distance with the words you write! And THERE'S NO LEARNING CURVE, NO INTENSIVE STUDY REQUIRED to get instant, outrageous RESULTS. It’s all done for you!

The ability to sell with words on paper (or screen) gives you freedom. And the book can give you the POWER to do business on YOUR terms.
The Golden Pen’s 365 Day Outrageous Double GUARANTEE

Think you already know it all? Try me.

If you go through my training and find you didn’t learn anything new (I’d be shocked...and I’d probably employee you as one of my personal copywriters and coaches), just ask for a refund. All you have to do it ask and you will receive your refund promptly and courteously. You don’t have to show your homework. You don’t have to do a song and dance. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on incredible clients and big money paydays just because you’ve taken other training courses before and feel like you’re already heard it all.

5 Times Your Investment In Extra Profits Or It’s FREE!

PLUS, I guarantee, if you use what you learn here to create just one offer, you’ll make 5 times your investment in extra PROFITS within the next 12 months ... profits you wouldn’t have made without this training ... or you get your money back. Simply show me what you have done and if you fail to make 5 times your investment I’ll refund your money. It’s that simple.
Here's What You Need To Do Next...
Just click the button below and tell me where to email through your copy of How To Get Inside The Heads, Hearts and Purses Of You Female Clients So They Buy Now. It's as easy at that.

As soon as you do that, I'll shoot you a receipt and the email so you can access the book and the bonuses that come with it straight away.

Thanks for taking the time to read my letter today. I believe your short investment of time (and the small investment to get my book and bonuses) will be the best investments you've ever made in your entire business career.

Play Beyond The Rules

Eve John

P.S. When I first got into copywriting, I used to skip to the end of all the sales mail letters to read the "P.S." first. 

In case you do the same, here's a brief recap:

My new book, entitled How To Get Into The Heads, Hearts and Purses Of Your Female Clients So They Buy Now, reveals how to create copy that converts and that’s working like crazy.

Get your own copy TODAY and you'll also get THREE FREE gifts worth $2388.00

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P.P.S. For those of you that make the smart decision and find the $7 to secure your book...

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Of course you will, what sort of copywriter and marketing strategist would I be if I didn't!

But seriously, this is for those that are looking for my personal help and a great place to start is with these private invitation to work with me more closely, as long as we are a good fit. 

Let me use my extensive experience to help you get inside the heads, hearts and purses of your ideal female clients...

I'll see you on on the otherside.

DISCLAIMER: It’s important to know that my results are not typical nor is my experience. I am not implying that you will duplicate them (or actually do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of having run my own business, studying copywriting and consumer behaviour for a few years now.  The average person who buys any “how to” information generally does very little with it and because of this inaction gets little to no results.  Business also entails risk and nothing is guaranteed. If you are not willing to accept that then PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS BOOK If you are looking for a guaranteed “silver bullet” then this book at the grand price of $7 is also not for you.