How To Use FAQ In Your Marketing

Too often people overlook this opportunity to sell themselves to customers.

They tend to throw them up on their website or send them out to the client as an afterthought.

But using FAQ can be a really powerful way to position yourself as an expert in your industry and niche.

There’s a simple way to go about setting them up too.

All you really need to do is to keep a record (for as little as two or three weeks) when you’re talking to new clients, of the types of questions that they ask you.

It could be what is your guarantee, how do I know this is right for me, how long will this take, what do I need to do to prepare or anything specific about the product or service.

Then you can simply record your answers to these questions either on video and get the transcribed, or you can type them out yourself.

What you can do with them then is used to overcome the objections that people have answer the questions that are repeatedly coming up in your business and send them out to prospective customers so that you actually addressing those concerned before people have to ask.

It’s a really simple method to position yourself and let people know that you are the expert in the industry.

Pro Tip – make sure at the end of your FAQ’s you have a call action, something like ‘Don’t see your question here? Call us on PHONE NUMBER now and we can answer it for you.’

Frequently asked questions pages can be on your website or adding into your catalogues or marketing material.

I have some really great templates so you can shoot me an email and I will send them through.

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