Could You Be Making More Money From Each Sale?

I have just come back from my hairdressers.
I have the full service, colour (Shh!) cut, blow wave, waxing, you know everything!
As I went to the reception to pay for my services, I was greeted by the apprentice, Jess.
Jess: “Hello Eve, shall I book you for your next appointment?”
Me: “Sure, that’s great”
An example of making recurring income from your existing clients
Jess: “We are offering a special for our clients. You can book a 45 minute massage for the price of a 30 minute.”
Me: “Okay, that sounds wonderful”
An example of cross selling products that are additional or complementary 
Jess: “And I can see on your card, that Jacqui has used the volumising spray in your hair. It is available in a take home pack, for you to use after you wash giving you the blow wave look, it’s only $50.00.”
Me: “Yes please, it looks great”
An example of upselling the dollar value from my original purchase
My salon understands the dollar value of each client.
They also know that [bctt tweet=”it is easier to sell your products and services to clients that already love you!”]
I do this in my business.
I use monthly Coaching and Consulting as a recurring service for clients.
I offer Media Releases and Auto-responders, as a cross sell for my marketing plan clients.
My upsell services include, VIP days and Done-For-You Programs instead of group programs for clients that want higher levels of access and faster results.
The question for you is:
  • What products and services do you have in your business that you can use for recurring revenue, cross selling and upselling?
  • Do you actually offer them?
  • Can you package them up to add more value to the client?
I hope you do.
Because if you don’t, how do clients know how you can solve their problems.
If you don’t. Get in touch and let’s see where you are leaving money on the table.



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