Make Sure You Do This For More Sales

As you can imagine I want to be quite involved with my kids and their lives.

Smothering is a turn some may use but hey, they are only in primary school and they are still okay with me being there all helping out.

For now anyway…

So I am on the parents council and no surprise but I look after the marketing.

And I come up with some really left-field ideas.

Perhaps not left-field for business owners like us, such as lead magnets with opt-in pages, 7 step email sequences and seasonal promotions featuring the teachers.

To civilians, it seems batshit crazy to do this for a small school of 280 children.

But here is how I win them over to my way of thinking each and every time.

I work out the objections that they are going to have and I have a response to each of them already in my presentation.

It is done in advance.

I run the ideas past my friend who is on the committee and one of the staff members. If they raise a question or an objection (they are my target audience of course) I make sure that I cover this in my presentation.

Because chances are that they are not going to be the only ones thinking this right?

I answer the objections my target audience has before they get a chance to raise them.

And this is something that you should be doing to.

Especially in your sales letters or presentations.

Here is a quick way to do it.

Simply answer these two questions below.

Give yourself at least 30 mins to do this.

It is worth the investment of your time as you will get the financial benefits back of making more sales.

Here goes:

If your target market could sit you down and ask you 5 questions about your product, what questions would they most likely ask?

Now, relax and think of the answers to the 5 questions above.

Simply right?

But not a lot of people DO NOT DO THIS.

And they are leaving money on the table.

Once this is done, you can use it in your sales letters, on your website with FAQ, in your presentations, pretty much anywhere you are making an offer and people may have sales objections or questions.

Spend some time on this over the week, let me know what you come up with and start adding these into your sales pieces.

You will thank me later!

Make it a great day.

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