Magic Numbers – Losing 5 kilos & Creating 6 Figure Businesses

I work with many clients in the health and weight loss niches.
Much of the marketing content I review is aimed at helping people lose those elusive last 5 kilos.
I’m interested to know who decided that 5 kilos was the magic number?
As someone who is 5.2 ft, 5 kilos for me is basically 10% of my body weight.
It could take me several months to get rid of that.
(I say get ‘rid of’ because if you lose something you tend to find it again!)
My next door neighbour is 5.9 ft and a kickboxer.
5 kilo is her water weight, she loses it the day before a fight.
Same numbers, different outcome.
It seems to be the same in business.
Everyone wants to ‘get to six figures’
But no one has defined what 6 figures success is?
It covers a massive range of income.
$122,000 and $847,000.
Both ‘6 figure businesses’ but very different income levels.
Do you know the main point of difference between these two hugely different incomes?
Scaling and effective sales and marketing.
So, picture yourself five years from now, do you want a business that earns $122,000 or one that earns $847,000?
Is your sales and marketing going to get you to the six figure line and over?
Either way, contact me and lets work out a strategy you can implement to fast track you on the way.
It’s your business, your income, your life.
You deserve to earn it.

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