Looking to find your niche? Date them first!

First up, full disclosure,  I have been with my hubby since 2003, so if you are looking for dating advice I ain’t your girl…

But there are a few things I remember from back in the day about the rules of dating and one of them is truly great advice for finding your niche.

You see, it is one of the most important components of your marketing.

Your message needs to match your market and many people struggle with getting it just right.

Every week I am talking to people about finding their niche.

Whether it is on client calls, teaching or answering questions in groups.

It can be difficult I agree.

And one of the biggest oppositions that I find people have is ‘What if it is not the right wrong?’.

‘What if I go after it and they don’t love me and I feel like I have wasted my time?’

‘What if they are not right for me, would I be stuck with them forever?’

The funny thing is this type of thing is also what I see inside group chats of my recently divorced friends too.

And here is the thing.

When it comes to nailing down your niche, you need to apply the (maybe) old rule of dating…

It was something my Granny told me when I first started date when I was 16.

“Give it 3 months, then you will know if it is right for you or not.”

Think about it, when you are dating someone, they start on their best behaviour, you learn about them, their dreams their desires, what they want in the world.

You begin to know if they are the right one for you and you see if you are the right one for them.

And if it isn’t, you figure that out too, then you part ways and you try again.

I mean we all have horror stories of when we stayed in relationships that weren’t working and it didn’t go well.

But we all have stories about the ones that maybe, just maybe given a little more time might have worked out okay.

I remember in high school I really liked a guy and got along really well but my friends made me dump him because he wore a red leather jacket all the time and it was the late 90’s, so maybe if I had just worked in his sense of style a little more…


It is the same with your marketing.

When you are narrowing down your niche you can ‘date’ them.

Give it 90-days of full love and attention.

Figure out if they are right for you and the feelings are reciprocal.

Focus on them and only them.

Write for them.

Create for them.

Spend (advertising) money on them.

And then, after that 90-day dating period, you will know if they are the one for you.

If they aren’t it is a learning experience and you can take what you can from that relationship and move on.

Want help with nailing your voice and message before you focus on your niche?

Send me a message and we can talk.