Life Lessons From the ROCKY Movies

Eye of the tiger

Most of know the story of how Sylvester Stallone turned down several offers for the sale of his script for the blockbuster ROCKY because he wanted to play the lead. The stories of how he survived on friends couches, with little or no food, struggling everyday but knowing in his heart that this was going to be the making of him, that we needed to follow his dreams is talked about in all circles of life, not just sports.

I have always loved the Rocky movies but not for the boxing and blood, I believe that what Stallone created was the start of the movement. A motivational movement that taught my generation what can be possible often with a lot of sweat, tears, blood and most of all a stack of heart.

So here is what I think a generation learnt, My Top Five ROCKY lessons are here, with some of my favourite scenes linked in

1) Sometimes someone has to believe in your before you believe in yourself.


For many of us maybe a coach, mentor, a partner or a friend. We often can’t see the full potential in ourselves but luckily there are those special people who see it and support us.

2) Always give your opponents your best.

In each of the Rocky movies, even though each of his opponents think that they are going to cane him in the ring, they are all still training until the last minute .

Your best is what keeps you going and it is what keeps you on your toes. These people work hard too, they deserve your respect, it shows your respect for yourself.

3) When you become successful everyone wants a piece of you.

Remember that embarrassing part of Rocky II, when he has to do the commercial but he can’t work with the cue cards? It is almost painful to watch.

When your world starts to expand and your options open, people often will come in and want a piece. Some truly want to help you, some want to take advantage, learn to spot the difference. This is something I see happen alot when my clients become best sellers, everyone wants and endoresment or a testimonial. Consider if you are really willing to put your name and reputation on the line.

4) Your past doesn’t predict your future.

Past success, past failure, the Rocky movies have it all.

What you have done or not done in your life do not determine your success in the future. You need to work towards what you want, do the work, take the hits and keep moving forward.

 5) It’s the basic skills that you practice every day that make the difference.

The right handed boxing speed drills that Rocky undertakes everyday give him the edge, he is traditionally a left hander and his opponents know this, so he works hard on the little things that seem unimportant to others. You, you need to practice income producing tasks, everyday talking to people, everyday selling yourself and your brand, everyday making sure that you communicate your message and help others to achieve what they desire.

We all know that we have potential to achieve success in our lives, are you ready to step up and fight to win… EYE OF THE TIGER BABY!

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