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Your Clients Letter Box, How Can You Stand Out

Your letterbox is one of the most uncluttered places where people can communicate with you.

These days, you might get a piece of mail every day, most probably get a bill, but day after day you go to your letterbox to check and sort out your mail.

If you like most people you tend sort your mail into three piles;

First) Things that look like they might be personal. A handwritten envelope, smaller or larger than the normal DL envelope, maybe even coloured.

Second)  Things like bills and official looking things. Generally these have your name printed on the label or they use a window envelope.

Third) Junk mail and catalogues

So you’ve got these three piles, your personalised pile, your official looking file and your marketing pile.

Most of us then go through our piles and open them over mail over rubbish bin.

Bills are kept but other official looking pieces might actually go straight into the bin.

Junk mail may make it inside, just depending on your interest.

But things that are handwritten tend to be opened first and we will often start to read on the way in from the letterbox.


So if you are sending people things in the mail make sure that it is in a handwritten envelope, with a stamp on it, rather than just using a franking machine.

A letterbox is one of the most uncluttered places we have in our lives .

We habitually check it and sort through it.

Make sure that your communications to your clients end up in the first pile.

Use a plan white envelope, don’t have your logo on it and hand write the address.

A simply way to cut through the clutter.

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