A Lesson From The ICU

Some of you may already be aware that my hubby spent 3 days in ICU last week with sepsis and a flesh-eating disease called necrotizing fasciitis ( don’t Google this and search images, its gross ) .

A burn on his arm got infected and he simply left it until I took him to the emergency department with a blood pressure of 65/48.

With 4 operations in 6 days and several more to come, he is quite unwell and will be spending a few more weeks in the hospital.

Basically, he could have died and is lucky to keep his arm (80% of patients lose the infected limb)

As you can imagine I have had some serious time to ponder, reflect and give a tremendous amount of gratitude while he was in an induced coma for three days.

But my biggest breakthrough was this.

This illness was his responsibility.

I blamed myself for not nagging him enough to go to the doctors.

His boss blamed himself for not forcing him to go to first aid to get it checked.

His workmate, who was there when he burnt himself, feels terrible that he couldn’t stop it from happening.

Everyone around him is blaming themselves but the fact is, he is to blame for not taking action.



There is an old saying, the truth will set you free, but piss you off at first.

And this has given me an opportunity to release that there are things in my life that aren’t where I want them to be, and it is no one’s fault but my own.

It is my responsibility.

Now being hyper-aware of this, I have seen a lot of people that need to step up and take responsibility for where they are in their life.

For example:

Those blaming Facebook for their changes and that is why their sales have dropped, when they haven’t done any other form of marketing.

Claiming they ‘not have the time’ to create that lead magnet or product but have the time to watch their favourite show each night.

Blaming a lack of confidence on an incident from 1994 where some mean girl told them they were ugly and stupid, and not doing any work to move through it and move on with their life?

Or, like me in the past, those that have let their fear of failure hold them back.

Well, I want everyone to decide as a collective community to take full responsibility for themselves, our lives and our businesses and roll forward without looking back.

It is a liberating thing to take responsibility because with it comes control.

And taking control of your future is a beautiful thing.

So remember your future is your responsibility.

Speak soon

Eve ( I am responsible for myself ) John