Broken Back To Business Globally – The Key To My Success

In the next 2 minutes you are going to learn the one key thing that catapulted my product from an idea in a hospital room to something you can grab at the local shopping centre!

You see my product was a plumbing tool that my husband had invented when he was laid up in hospital with a broken back for 6 months.

He was a plumber, and he invented the world’s first flexible and extendable silicone nozzle that gets you around those corners and in to those hard to reach places, saving the customer time and hassles. You can see the story here

It was great, we knew that it would be a winner, the market was huge BUT…

I needed to know how the hell I was going to get my product in front of clients, without having the luxury of a big budget to throw at advertising to ‘gain brand exposure’ as the sales lady at the magazine that I had enquired about said.

But the biggest problem was that our product:

1) was in competition with a product that is available for free and

2) we had thrown all the available cash we had into getting the product into production

We had no money left to ‘invest’ into advertising.

I was felt so flat and deflated. It was so frustrating to have come this far and just be stuck.

I knew the answer was out there I just needed to find it.

Being that I am an avid reader (I read over 79 books last year and am on a first name basis with the local librarians) I started reading every book that I could borrow, buy or download on marketing and sales in business.

The one common theme that I found across these books was in the power of ‘Copywriting’ in your business.

I didn’t even know what that meant, thinking it was the © that you see on the bottom of things!

The Wikipedia definition is:

Copywriting is writing copy for the purpose of advertising or marketing. The copy is meant to persuade someone to buy a product, or influence their beliefs.

When I did get my head this around by reading books by the best in the business, Dan Kennedy, Robert Collier, Eugene Schwartz, Robert Bly and many, many others, things really changed for our business.

I figured out how to get into the heads of my clients, who were male, how to speak their language and how to communicate with them.

I started to implement what I had learned and we started to get more orders.

We were now making money in our business and I was able to invest more into my ‘copywriting education’

I studied under some of Australia’s leading marketers, copywriters, and public relation experts whose businesses were turning over millions of dollars from writing material for their clients that resulted in selling hundreds of millions of dollars for them. I knew I could do the same.

I was creating a massive pile of ads, headlines, and social media posts that had made me want to buy, reworking them and using them myself. You can grab a copy of my Copywriting Done-For-You Templates for just $97.00, it’s the quickest way to have experts write your sales copy on a shoestring budget.

I was getting more and more orders every day.

And then….  finally, one day, we were contacted by the biggest player in the distribution game.

They responded to a letter that I had sent them where I used every copywriting, marketing and PR skill I had learnt.

And you know what…. That one letter launched our business into the big leagues and they wanted to take our product into hardware stores NATIONALLY.

Now, fast-forward a year ahead and our business went GLOBAL!

We won 4 business awards and I was even nominated for the “Telstra Business Woman Of the Year Award” one of Australia’s most prestigious awards for women in business.

The most common question I am asked at my speaking events is, “What Is The One Thing I Can Do To Take My Business To The Next Level?”


Learn the art of Copywriting! Make sure that you use compelling words in your marketing, elevator pitches, social media, absolutely everything!

Seriously, the ultimate goal of copywriting, whether in your sales letter, emails or blog content is to improve conversion rate from enquiry to sale or to increase the chances of your audience performing your most desired outcome.

If you are looking for the most reliable way to take your business to the next level, this is it.

Here are some great tips that you can implement in your copywriting to help grow your business:

-Headlines. Use bold and striking fonts – within limits. Open your headline with the inverted commas and use only red and black fonts. Do not use full capitals for words or it will look like you are screaming. I have included 363 in my Platinum Collective Copywriting Swipe Files

-Follow up your headline with a sub headline. The sub headline’s goal is to exemplify the idea of the headline and should ideally be slightly smaller in font size compared to the headline.

-Whenever promoting something, always remember to show the benefits or give compelling reasons for buying the product. Show how much that not getting the product can result in more pain for your customer than getting the product.

-Have an FAQ section for your product. When you promote a product, there is bound to be many questions that would pop up in the heads of your readers. Having a FAQ serves to be a place where you can handle or deal with any last minute objections your buyers may have for your product.

-Call to action. Possibly, one of the most important components is the call to action. It will be the place where people make a purchase or perform your desired action so make sure you include it in before your “add to cart” button. 100 templates are included in my Platinum Collective Copywriting Swipe Files

-Post scripts. These are last minute call to action which capture “page scrollers” or people who just need that final push to purchase your product.

In short, implement these sales copy tips into your marketing campaigns and you will soon start to see a stream of profits running into your bank account.

Be sure to let me know of your success.

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