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8:30am-12:30pm Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th September 2021
Irresistible Offer Creation Formula
Saturday 2nd May 8:30 - 12:30
The Lab
Irresistible Offers Creation Formula:
4 Hours To Create Your Perfect Offer 
That Actually Sells From Day 1!
The ' Readers & revenue' email System
A proven accelerated relationship-building process so your subscribers know, like, trust (and buy) faster…
YOUR - Welcome Emails : Nurture Sequence : 6-months Email Marketing Campaign WRITTEN IN A WEEKEND (Plus critiqued by a copywriter whose emails have sold millions)
Hey lady

Let me guess...

You started your business to make money doing what you love, but you’re working WAY too hard for WAY too little.

You struggle to find enough clients, and the money you make from the clients you do have, just isn’t enough to pay the bills.

You’re secretly tired of “giving it all away” for low fees, but you don’t know how to charge more without offending your clients–or losing them.

You’re always teetering on the edge of “just getting by.”

No matter what you do or how hard you work, there’s never enough money for you to feel truly abundant and financially secure.

You’ve spent countless hours getting your “marketing stuff” together, like your website, opt-in, freebie, email newsletter, social media presence, logo, brochure… you spend TONS of time in front of your computer… and you’re STILL not making the money you want.

You’ve scoured the internet and consumed hundreds (possibly thousands) of hours of free content… looking to find the roadmap to those 15 and 20K months everyone’s bragging about -- but never tell you how to get.

You’ve invested in ebooks and paid courses only to realise none of it revealed anything truly game-changing.

You’ve attended high end retreats and have a great looking membership site, but you still aren’t confident on how to market and sell it 

You’ve felt you have been spinning your wheels, playing the marketing ‘cat and mouse’ game….

Well, If Any Of That Sounds Like You Here Is Some Good News...

Because I am going to officially offer to take that thing off your plate that you’re probably ignoring or performing badly…

Marketing your business

For so many female business owners there is a huge “bottleneck” in your business with marketing and advertising.

You’re too busy working your genius zone that you forget or “put off” critical marketing campaigns to keep your sales pipeline full.

Or when you DO market your business, you’re probably using the same old boring strategies that everybody else is using—leaving you with a disappointing return on your investment and the feeling that you just flushed money down the drain.

How do I know this?

I see it every day when my clients come to me.

You see my clients are some of the best in the world at what they do...

They design medical products for infertility; they write books that are transformational for clients and listed on the bestsellers lists; they create stylish products that win fashion awards; they are the coaches behind the coaches.

They are coaches, consultants, course creators, service providers and creators.

And the commonality that they have...

They make an impact on someone's lives by doing what they do.

But it takes a lot of effort to get your work in front of the right people, with the right message at the right time.

And frankly, if you are blaming Facebook algorithms you need to take a good hard look at your marketing strategies.

Because here is the thing...

Technology changes but human emotions don’t.

We still have dreams, goals, desires, wants, needs, fears and anxiety.

And if you have something that can help your potential client get what they want in life then you are in the right place.

Imagine waking up every morning knowing 
exactly how many customers and clients you’re going to deal 
with the next month…
even the next 6 months...

And think about what it feels like having your pipeline full with your ideal customers, clients …and how many worries it will help you absolve…

…Like wondering if you will be in business the next 1-2 years.
... Or whether you’ll have enough customers to keep the lights on in your office next month.
...And whether you must make compromises in what your family can do regarding holidays, things to buy, upgrades to your home, where you can send your kids to for school camps, etc.


Stress and strife in business also cause stress on the family.

You may project your business worries on your family without you knowing it…so having a strong, prosperous business will also lead to strong family life.

You’ll also be mentally present with your kids and partner when you’re with them at the park, going to the movies, etc…instead of being distracted by money and business problems.

I want to give you an escape from the “hum-drum” business life…and usher in a life of prosperity, possibilities and certainty that’ll allow you to leave a legacy for you and your family:

Using methods that are fast, effective and fun.

In fact, it is what I am known for.

Implementing strategies that takes brands from ho-hum, same same, vanilla to stand out, ‘OMG, I have to have it’ brands. 

Look, if you’re here,there’s a damn good chance that like me...

It’s more than just how you make money, or how you spend your 9-5.

Your business is a passion project, what you are supposed to do with your life.

All the emotions that can get wrapped up in that are scary.

It’s hard knowing that things going right, or wrong can be directly linked to you!

It’s hard to admit just how awesome you are.

YOU just want to be YOU in your marketing...

And I know what you’re thinking. “It seems like I should be able to rock this being myself thing… you know by myself. How hard can it be?”

Actually its exceptionally hard.

Even the professionals, the gurus who are making bank, hire strategists like me.

We exist for a reason.

All those voices swirling around in your head, are telling you how you are supposed to do it.

“Don’t be too this, be professional, SHE is doing that, be sexy, don’t be too that, UGH, I hate being so salesy, just enough of this, I have to be more glamorous ”

It’s enough to make you crazy.

But here is the thing, is not a million dollar budget or a flawless Instagram stream that makes my client's money.


Simply monthly tasks,
 tied to a strategic plan,
And it works every time...

Grace Lever
Founder - The Doers Way, 8 Figure Female Entrepreneur
"{Eve} is so much more than just a copywriter because she's got such a good ability to identify peoples genius zones. Her ability to look at you, figure out what your genius zone is, figure out the market and how we are going to approach that, kind of give you an action plan to do that. We have the same genius zone basically in that sense, and then being able to figure out the steps we need to execute that which is sometimes hard on a lot of industries, at figuring out what your unique voice is. She's got the ability to cut through and give your voice because if you just say what everyone else is saying, or what you think people want to hear, they see straight through it. And she is able to find your voice and bring that out in copy and scripts, and all that kind of component of copy and marketing...”
Email Marketing's Done & Ready To Go
Work with me for 8 hours to get your 
Email Marketing created fast you can finally achieve your sales goals!
Email Evolution 
This is not a workshop where you learn it all then go home and try to do on your own. 
I explain what we need to do to achieve success, then we do it.
Each and every step of the way!

This LIVE workshop is crafted to design and implement the email marketing strategies you need within your business, so you can attract the right types of clients , that are pre-deposed to buy from you effortlessly into your business, each and every month
The Email Evolution Lab is a power-packed workshop that will dramatically shortcut the path to creating and implementing your email marketing.

🙄No 6 week course
🙄No 47-hour long videos
🙄No 847-page workbooks
🙄No struggling to do it on your own
🙄No expensive software, or additional courses to buy
🙄No fluff-filled bonuses

An interactive head down butts up all-inclusive co-creation LIVE workshop.

Co-creation means we work together to decide on the best and most profitable email strategies for your business.

We will take and implement the best practice marketing systems into your business.

This is not a workshop where I:
🚫Take your hard-earnt money spend half the time talking about myself
🚫Giving you half done plans and then up-sell you to $10k group coaching programs to get it done.
🚫No first hour getting to know each other and journaling 'your perfect day'.
🚫We won't be sitting around braiding each others hair, singing 'Kum ba yah'
🚫No listening to me and writing notes on what to do later... as Ru Paul say. YOU. BETTER. WORK

This is a turn up, work your butt off and walk away.

🎉Job done.

Because here is the thing...

You might not know this about me but...

I spent much of my life working in education, creating, implementing, delivering and selling, courses for some of Australia’s best-known training organisations. 

From travel, fitness and massage to beauty, security and dog trainers, I have implemented some nationally recognised qualifications across a massive range of different industries.  

So my Bachelor Of Adult Learning and Development and over 19 years of teaching experience will ensure this gold is etched into your brain because you are going to, actually...


Because (and I am qualified to say this)

The best way to learn is to actually do!
Here are just some of the things we will do in our time together:
  • Plan and write your 'Sell Without Sleaze' email optin/free gift nurture series, emails that engage, enterains and engergises your potential clients to take the next step with you. Got more than one optin/free gift you are promoting? No hassles, do this once and take and tweak for the next one
  • ​Plan and write 6 months of emails for your business, no more staring at the blank screen thinking 'what the hell and I going to write about this week?' Now you can attract the right types of clients , that are pre-deposed to buy from you effortlessly into your business, each and every month. 
  •  The automated sales pipeline CAMPAIGNS 
Why am I doing this? 
  • I have been flooded with requests to help people create their email nurture series, but I am only one person and just don't the time to do it. AND I am justifiable expensive to have as an on-tap copywriter. So I unpacked the exact steps that I take each and every time I write emails for a client. Because you don't need a 6 week program chock full of information, you need the RIGHT information in the RIGHT sequence to get the result as FAST as possible!
  • Because I know how hard it is right now to be all the things to all the people #homeschool #counsellor #carer . We both know you don't need to spend more time trying to figure this all out for yourself. I have been teaching LIVE behind closed doors for many years for many of the high-end masterminds and inner circles my clients run. And you know what, I am happy to give up four hours on a Saturday morning to help you get your marketing out there and bringing you in new clients.
  • ​Here is the thing, I don't believe that my programs and services will change the world but I do think that the women who use them will. I want to be the spark that lights the fire that makes massive changes to millions of people World-Wide. 
Annie Murray
Australia's Largest Photography Business Coach
"I've worked with million dollar funnel creators and I have to say, the power of the offers that Eve is able to create is what adds a zero on the end of a product launch. She creates offers so irresistible that you either end up on your ideal clients vision board or their credit card statement!"
Email Evolution 
The Irresistible Offer Creation Formula 
Your Exclusive Seat Avails You To:
Together We Build Out: 
  • The 'Introduce and Incentivise' welcome series, the first few days someone is on your list is when they are the most engaged. This email series helps you impress them and make an impact within this short time span when you have their attention and mindshare
  • ​Your 'Sell Without Sleaze' nurture series, emails that engage, entertain and energise your readers, all ready for you to drop into your email provider and press publish
  • ​Your bespoke Automated Sales Pipeline, your 6 months email marketing campaign, ready to write, set and forget so you know that your list is hearing from you each and everyweek like clockwork
You Will Walk Away With: 
  •  Your Welcome Emails DONE, so you can engage your new readers immediately after they subscribe to find out exactly what you should write to them.
This Means You Can Finally: 
  • Get excited to get your brand out into the World so you can start to make the real money
  • Be clear on exactly what you need to do to hit the business and income goals that you want consistently each and every month without spending hours and hours on creating marketing 
  • ​Feel confident to charge what you are worth because you are now positioned as the expert that you are. Your potential clients can see you know your stuff, it is righ there in front of them in your marketing
Here is how it works...
  • Before we meet on the Saturday I will send you some pre-work to do (allow about 45 minutes to be through, and yeah, it is compulsory to do
  • On the day, you follow along with me as I explain what we are doing and then give you fast and actionable tasks so you have it all in the plan. You will have to do 25 minutes extra work on the Saturday, but believe me, you will be glad you did
  • As we go through the session you take my templates, fill-in-the-blanks and proprietary forms to begin to pull your marketing together
  • ​After we have finished each session section, we ideastorm and share what you have created to do a check in and action any feedback I give you
  • You walk away with a plan for 52 weeks, PLUS and at lease ONE ENTIRE MONTHS worth of marketing done, sitting in a folder ready to go for you to publish
So Who Am I To Teach You?

Speaking Event With Gary Vaynerchuk

Featured speaker with Arnold

Guest Expert on 'The Living Room'

Copywriting Expert with Grace Levers Group

Mentions and Features

Hi, my name is Eve John and seven years ago, I started my own business from my bedroom with two kids at home full time and an old laptop my Dad had bought me.
I spent hours researching, learning and implementing all aspects of marketing from buyers psychology, all forms of communication and persuasion, copywriting, public relations, speaking, media and social media.

Today, I am known as "Australia’s Golden Pen" the marketing strategist and copywriter behind the curtains of some of Australia’s most successful and influential, brands, products and entrepreneurs.

They have featured me in The Sydney Morning Herald, Channel 10, Cosmopolitan Magazine and stacks of other notable publications.

And I’m called the "Half-A-Billion-Dollar Woman"


Well to start…

My words have sold over $500,000,000 of products and services in a variety of industries including construction, health & fitness, professional coaching, the workshop/seminar business and entrepreneurial services.

The past 7 years has seen me;

- Writing hundreds of marketing messages that have enabled businesses to have skyrocketing success from the get go

- Working closely with over 487 Australian entrepreneurs on their marketing and their business

- Creating and profitably selling my own products and services

- Winning over 10 awards for my innovative strategies and products

- Spending over 8,000 hours of research, learning and implementation of all aspects of marketing from copywriting, public relations, speaking, media, social media and all forms of communication and persuasion

- Speaking live on stage in front of crowds ranging from 20 to 5,000

- And I have shared the stage with some of Australians best speakers and leading world experts, including movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, fitness guru Michelle Bridges, leading influencer Grace Lever and real estate expert John McGrath

But listen, I don’t say this to brag...

I tell you this so you know that I am not some fly-by-night Instagram success who has done something ONCE and makes her money trying to teach others how to do it.

So if you are too fancy to learn from someone who’s a nobody in those internet high streets of Instagram Influencers and Facebook Marketers but a honey-dipped client magnet in the underworld… this isn’t for you. 
Lisa Liang
2 x Telstra Business Award Winner
"I just sold my first VIP $6k offer to a new client after working with Eve on the offer, messaging, and outreach plan. She helped me approach it in a way that felt authentic and focused on how I can really be of service to clients. I’m so excited at what this means for my business moving forward!"
Gabrielle Olga
Leading Vegan Lifestyle Coach, Plant Body Australia
"Two hours with this woman has cleared up 5 years of floundering in my messaging and offerings. Eve is hot! And in more ways than one. Get hooked up to the dope this lady is selling. I'm just off our call and I'm already wanting more. "

This Is Perfect For You If:
  • You have begun building an email list but prospects aren't converting into clients as fast as you had hoped
  • ​You want to attract and speak to more of the ideal clients you want
  • You want to learn how to make your marketing stand out from everyone else in your market and be seen as the expert in your industry, all from someone with real life experience
  • You want to get you (or your staff) selling without being pushy and turn customers into raving fans!
  • AND THE BIG ONE - you want to work with a professional copywriter and marketing strategist to really nail your email marketing
It is NOT For You IF:
  • ​You are looking for the ‘4 hour workweek’ where you don’t do anything and expect the money to come. You must be prepared to put your heart and soul in it
  • ​You just want to make money selling crap stuff and couldn’t give a shit about your customers and their lives
  • ​You will just whinge and complain all the time ‘that it is do hard’, ‘that won’t work for my business’
  • ​You get caught up listening to other people say... ‘it won't work/you’re too old/you’re too young’. Whose business is it, yours or theirs? For every business that works, 10 people have said it won't. Believe in yourself and prove everyone else wrong
Su-Anne Len
Expert Branding and Graphic Designer, Tiny Crowd
"If anyone wants to work with someone that is incredibly switched on and truly has a gift of giving you clarity and direction in your business... Eve John is your person!!! I've been working with Eve for the last couple of months on my marketing funnel and she has given me the confidence to start marketing myself as an expert. I love her 'no fluff' approach and we just get things done. Not only is she a marketing and copywriting genius, she is a beautiful person (inside and out); very generous and giving of her time"
  • ​Access to my proprietary One Woman Marketing Plan (Valued at $595)
  • ​The Lab:  The LIVE 4 hour workshop with me AND the Action Activator Plan that get your entire years marketing plan done in a weekend (Valued at $245)
  • ​The Vault templates, examples, plug and play and copyright free documents from my extensive and proven files (PRICELESS)
  • ​Your first month of content DONE! Yes, 4 x blogs, 4 x emails for your list, 16 social media posts, plus 2 content places you haven't used before that costing you clients (and maybe your credibility)
  • ​Recording of The Lab. As I will be looking at your offers live, you might miss exactly what I say, with the recordings you can use what I say Word-For-Word (Valued at $110)
  • ​PLUS Funnel Fix Up - A 45min call with me where I take a deep dive into your marketing, funnels and offers and help you plug any holes and create more sell able offers (I normally charge $225 for my consulting sessions)
Total Retail Value: $1175
Your Investment: $245
Due to the hands on nature to this workshop, there are only 20 spaces available. Please note, you may be redirected to a waitlist on the next page if this is booked out
The Golden Pen’s Outrageous Double GUARANTEE
Think you already know it all? Try me.
If you go through my training and find you didn’t learn anything new (I’d be shocked...and I’d probably employee you as one of my personal copywriters and coaches), just ask for a refund. All you have to do it ask and you will receive your refund promptly and courteously. You don’t have to show your homework. You don’t have to do a song and dance. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on incredible clients and big money paydays just because you’ve taken other training courses before and feel like you’re already heard it all.
5 Times Your Investment In Extra Profits Or It’s FREE!
PLUS, I guarantee, if you use what you learn here to create just one offer, you’ll make 5 times your investment in extra PROFITS within the next 12 months ... profits you wouldn’t have made without this training ... or you get your money back. Simply show me what you have done and if you fail to make 5 times your investment I’ll refund your money. It’s that simple.
Email Evolution
8 hours, 52 weeks of marketing campaigns planned, offers, social media, email follow ups and much much more DONE
The time to act is now. 

Lock in this low introductory workshop price and get your 2021's marketing tied up with a big red bow before you even take your break over Christmas.

I only have 10 places available for this exclusive opportunity to work with me LIVE and get 2021's done.

You miss this and get started next month you're missing this month, plus all the sales between now and when you do finally get your marketing act together.

So let me ask you this?

How much is a client work to you?

Most of my clients make their investment back 6x with one sale alone.

So, how much is a client worth to you? 

$500, $1000, $5000, $10,000?

What is it costing you in missing revenue each week to not have your offer out there?

If it is more than $245, then you need to jump on this opportunity.

And remember, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose by taking advantage of this offer. 

Your investment is fully guaranteed with my Double Golden Pen Guarantee.

And just think, instead of spending months trying to get your offer perfect … you get an instant shortcut, a copywriter in your pocket.

Click below now and get taken to my secure bookings page. 

Fill out your details and lock it down to get your offer done and out there within 48 hours.

Trying to decide if the One Woman Marketing Plan LIVE is right for you?

Let me ask you this:

What’s 1 new client worth to you?

What about 10 new clients?

What about a booked out calendar?

And then make your decision based on the likely return on investment on your time and money you’ll be getting.

When you think about the incredible advantage you’ll be getting thanks to the One Woman Marketing Plan.

Seriously, do yourself a favour and book your seat today!

But please realise this...

There will be pre-workshop homework, you will need to do. 

I will be starting and finishing on time. 

You will be expected to play full tilt sharing what you have created and giving input into the other ideas in the room.

In short, if you aren’t prepared to put your "big girl panties" on please don’t bother to book your seat.

But if you are ready to start to dominate rather than dabble, you are ready to step up and work your butt off so you can get that dream business you think about each and every day and you are prepared to spend 8 hours now, so you can save hundreds later then I look forward to meeting you (before the workshop because as I said, there is homework and you will talk to me beforehand.)

Eve John

P.S. Skipped to the end because it is too-long-so-I-didn’t-read-it? Then this is definitely not for you. I expect you to do pre-work, I expect you to finish what you start and I expect you to play full tilt. I am serious, please don’t bother clicking the big yellow button if you haven’t read every word above. It is bad for both of us. 

You Might Be Wondering (FAQ)
I get that if I put in the work I’ll see awesome results - but how many hours  should I set aside to make it all happen?
As with most things in life, you’ll get out l what you put in. As a rough guide, spending 1 - 2 hours on each step will give you an excellent foundation plus you have the added bonus of working on it with me, having me check your offer before you put it out to market.
I don’t actually have a business yet but I want to start coaching, consulting or freelancing soon, but . Will this still be useful to me?
Absolutely! Whether you’re in the planning stages, just starting out, or you’ve been in business a while, if you want to attract the right types of clients , that are pre-deposed to buy from you effortlessly into your business, each and every month then this will get you started the right way.
 How does The Lab stand out? There are so many programs out there
I give you everything I’ve got. Remember that you will be working with me, creating what you need to implement your market plan for 2021. No other program is THIS comprehensive. Know where else will you have a trained copywriter on the phone to you, implementing this type of stuff into your business. Trust me, I’ve taken too many to calls to count and now I’m giving you all I’ve got!
 I need more than this, I need the an entire marketing make over. Can you help?
I have a wait list at the moment, but get in touch at vip[at] and we can see what you really need.
 I’ve got questions, how can I contact you?
Ready to sign-up, but still have a lingering Q? Be in touch and email me at vip[at]
How do I actually make sure I do this?
The Lab will inspire you to think bigger than you ever have before. But, the action is with you. You need to take (imperfect) action towards your dreams, or you simply won't make them come to life.
  How can I work out if The Lab is worth the investment?
Answer this question: What's 1 new clients worth to you? What about 10 new clients? What about a booked out calendar? And then make your decision based on the likely return on investment you'll be getting. When you think about the incredible advantage you'll be getting thanks to The Lab - the ability to stand out in your industry, to attract and win awesome high-paying clients anytime you want - investing in this proven system today just makes sense. And my 30 day 100% money-back guarantee, means that you can dive into the complete co-creation The Lab today with absolutely no risk.
 I don't sell business to business. Will this program work for me?
I’ve helped an accessories designer, a food and nutrition coach, and many others create successful online businesses. We live in an abundant world and there’s room for all of us! If you define your ideal client, capture your niche, and perfect your message so that you’re speaking to the right people, I’m sure you will explode your business using The Lab.
Once I’ve signed up are you going to convince me to purchase additional tools and systems in order to keep my biz afloat?
You can get by without actually spending a lot. I do recommend Facebook Ads because they are the quickest and easiest way to attract leads, but we can start you out by setting the budget very small so you can see what a great tool this is!
What if I hate it?
I’ve poured my heart and soul – and every ounce of my expertise – into The Lab. I’m confident that you’ll enjoy the experience and get true value out of it. In the unlikely event you are not, contact me directly and send through an email with all the completed worksheets and challenges from all the modules within 30 days of your purchase to prove you implemented everything fully, and my team will courteously and promptly, give you your money back
What if I'm not tech-savvy?
Welcome to the club, I am thinking about getting us t-shirts ;) . Most of my clients don't like tech, or they simply don't have time. Don't worry! You'll be able to take our work and implement it yourself or give them to a VA to put them together for you!