In Flooded Market? Do more of these in 2021

Nearly every week I get an e-mail from someone looking to work with me as a copywriter and they’ll tell me,

“Yeah, it’s super hard … I mean, in a really flooded marketplace it’s hard to stand out.”

Hell yeah, that’s true, but luckily there are three things that you can do to help more people, get more clients and make more money.

1) Content – create content around what interests your potential audience. Write posts about their problems, talk about their questions, exactly what I’m doing here, and create compelling content that engages with them. Content that makes them feel like you truly understand them is going to help you build up your tribe of raving fans.

2) Consistency – here’s the thing that will get you over the line, you need to show up every day and serve your people. Use your content to engage with them every day. You don’t have to be there all day but a few 15-minute sessions on social media or a daily e-mail where you can share your content, interact, and talk with people will make a real difference. I’m not talking about for the next two weeks either, I’m talking about every day for six months.

Like Pantene used to say, “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.”

3) Confidence – Donald Trump, love him or hate him, he exudes pure confidence. He may not always be right and frankly, I think it’s more not right, but he’s always confident in his words. The real trick is to talk about what you know about, the kind of stuff you do every day that you are really good at. Your unique talents and genius zones. Basically, topics where you know your shit. That’s why you won’t ever catch me talking about the back end of e-mail and customer relationship management systems like Infusion Soft and Mail Chimp but want to write an e-mail that sells, I can talk for hours.

To stand out in 2021, create compelling content, be consistent in showing up, and be confident (or at least seem confident) but the more you do one and two, number three will come naturally.