I Got Flashed And It Was Awesome

I’m an avid reader. I love books.

From James Paterson thrillers through to all things marketing
and sales.

But it might surprise you to know that I often read the same book over
and over again.

And I am one of those people that marks them up with sticky notes,
highlighter and notes in the margins.

Recently I travelled to Sydney, where I was the keynote speaker at an
annual women’s dental association conference.

After a cracking morning speaking on stage with in front of some amazing
women (I was the only speaker that didn’t have the title Dr. before my
name) I headed to the airport to catch my 2.25pm flight back to Melbourne.

I use my travel time to read.

It’s a lot easier than dragging out laptops for short trips and means I can
get through all the books that I want to read or even reread.

This particular weekend, I was re-reading, Russell Brunson’s, Dot Com

You might know of Russell’s books or maybe know him as the founder
of Clickfunnels, the sales funnel software.

I enjoyed Dot Com Secrets as it affirmed many of the strategies that I
have been using with my clients for years now.

And Russell and I have studied with some of the same leading marketing
and copy specialists, so I like to hear his take on things.

So here I am settling in to re-read Dot Com Secrets in the emergency
exit, I love it there but not because I need the leg room.

A very lanky guy, trying to get to his seat, gasps, points at me and opens
his jacket and flashes me.

I jump to my feet and high five him!

This random flashing stranger on a plane.


Because he has flashed me his ‘Clickfunnels’ Tshirt, luckily not anything

He saw me reading the Clickfunnel book and knew that we would have a

You see Russel and Clickfunnels have turned into a huge movement in
digital marketing.

Many influencers and industry leaders, like me use and do well with.

But it goes deeper than just the product itself.

Russell has created a community around it.

We use certain language like, soap-opera-sequence and product bumps.

We have t-shirts, books and certificates for certain achievements.

Now average Australian’s wouldn’t know Russell and that is not his plan.

But those in his industry do.

He is the what I would consider a leading industry celebrity.

He has followed the right formula that has gotten him to the top of his
niche, worked his ass off and I can only imagine he has had a great time
and made a lot of money doing it.

So what about you?

Do you think you need to be an A grade celebrity with 1 million Instagram
followers to make money?

Or could you simply be a celebrity in your niche, the one regarded as an

Me, I prefer to known by the right people for the right reasons.

If that seems like something you want too, email me.

Let me share with you my strategies that have gotten me on TV, in
magazines and on stages with the likes of Michelle Bridges and
Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But more importantly being on stage, podcasts, interviews, guest blogs,
joint ventures and promoted by industry celebrities like Grace Lever,
Angie Papus and Glenn Twiddle.

You might not know who they are, but their industry certainly does.

Speak soon.