How To Overcome That Ugly Thinking Of Maybe I Am Not As Good As I Think I Am So You Can Start Impacting Your Clients Lives And Your Own Bank Account.

Need to get out of your own way and position yourself as the coach you want to be so you can finally start impacting your clients’ lives and your own bank account?


This post will help you go from overlooked to impactful, from full of fear to confident in yourself, from second-guessing yourself to starting to know your true impact on your clients.

Because when you feel overlooked, full of fear and you second-guess yourself, you can’t see how your skills, expertise and experience make you the only logical solution for your clients.

This leads to a lack of clarity, no clear message and when you have a confusing message, or you are not sure who you serve and you just can’t attract the right clients and don’t charge correctly.

And this is why messaging is the very first step in my three-step system that is taking female coaches from overworked, overlooked and overwhelmed to influencing, impacting and making a great income.

Messaging starts with knowing who you are and why your clients should choose you.

And it is not the time to be shy and humble.

You need to be confident you are the person who will give them the transformation they need.

But it is not as easy as that is it.

So many female coaches struggle to believe that they are the one that their clients need.

They tell me they don’t believe in themselves.

Believe in yourself! This empowering phrase has been scribed on a million inspirational quote images, been the subject of countless self-help books and TED Talks.

The problem is that its crap.

I don’t believe in myself.

Many successful people don’t and didn’t.

Because it isn’t necessary.

They don’t need to have faith in themselves.

What they have is evidence.

When I told people that I would write a book, so many questions if it would happen, how could I believe that I could do it?

I had been writing daily for years, all types of writing, sales, marketing, reporting, courses, all sorts of things.

But I had never written a book before.

So why was it I knew it would happen?

What I had was not a belief.

I had evidence.

Evidence that I would be able to write a book and I was willing to test myself.

No more, no less.

Now every time I am to take on a new challenge, I look for evidence that I will succeed.

To this, I create what I call an Evidence Log.

And I use this with my clients to.

Not only does it give them a boost of confidence and help them get out of their own way, but it helps us get super clear on their unique messaging.

How do I do it?

No special tools or software.

No complicated methods.

Just plain old pen and paper.

1)     You make a list of the things you want to be able to do

2)     List out the times you have been able to do it or a similar task

3)     List out the books you know, courses you have taken, the research you have done, concrete evidence, people that you could ask for a reference if you were going for a job interview

Now you have in black and write, compelling reasons, ideas and evidence that you can achieve.

And here is the thing.

Now you don’t have to just believe you can do it.

You know have evidence that you have been able to do it previously!

But what do you do with this evidence guide, how can you use it to its full advantage?

You could just pack it away, feeling a little better about yourself but not using it to its full potential.

Or you can discover how to use this as part of your messaging, because messaging fits in as one of the key components within the exact steps talented female coaches use to get 5-10 new ideal clients monthly

Just go to and see how the right messaging can increase your impact, influence and income.