How To Get To Know Your Clients Better Than You Know You Mum

This year sees me with a lot more focus on teaching female business owners just like you, to grow their sales through effective marketing.

And it is in this spirit that I introduce to you;

Marketing Monday

Each Monday you will receive from me some professional insider tips that are going to help you to attract more of the right people into your business and make more sales to them.

Sounds good right!

So this Marketing Monday I am going to start off with the importance of truly knowing your audience.

And I am going to show you the exact steps I use to go deep and get to know my clients in full detail.

So as you can imagine, I am not talking about those basic demographics that most people teach like age, income, locations, who they follow on Facebook, how much disposable income they earn.


That information is only surface stuff and is pretty much only useful for running Facebook ads.

What I am talking about here is the nitty gritty stuff.

What makes them tick.

What they love, fear, dream of…

What is going to stop them in their tracks and have them saying;

‘Damn, it is like she totally talking to me’

Basically, I want you to know your potential clients better than you know your mum.

And the following ten questions will help you ‘see’ your market clearly. You’ll be able to feel their desires, their wants and frustrations. These ten questions are so powerful I have even included them in my copywriting questionnaire that I send to clients. The questions give me the answers so I can write compelling, emotional copy.

The man behind these questions is the brilliant marketer Dan Kennedy I suggest you buy and study everything Dan has to offer. Treat it as an investment in your future wealth account.

1: What keeps them awake at night?

2: What are they afraid of?

3: What are they angry about and who are they angry at?

4: What are they frustrated about? What are their top three daily frustrations?

5: What trends are occurring and will occur in their lives that will affect them?

6: What do they secretly desire?

7: Is there a built-in bias to the way they make decisions?

8: Do they have their own language?

9: Who else is selling something similar to them and how?

10: Who else has tried selling something similar to them and failed? How have they failed?

You’ve got to know the answers to these questions. Knowing the answers will give you power. The power to ultimately know and sell to your market. Not one in ten information marketers would know even a fraction of these answers. And they spend thousands upon thousands of dollars and ultimately fail. And they wonder why? If you really want to succeed, you’ll go deep. You’ll do the research on your market. And then you’ll craft a message that’ll sell them like crazy. Because you know your market intimately and you know what to give them.

And once you have done that, you are then able to take that information and turn it into copy that is oozing with pure emotion.

Look out for some more about this from me later this week, but for now, getting started on really getting to know your prospects better than you know your mum.

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