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Helping Your Clients Avoid The Goldilocks Syndrome

Price too high, too low, in the middle seems just right!

The Goldilocks principle is derived from a children’s story “The Three Bears” in which a little girl named Goldilocks finds a house owned by three bears. Each bear has its own preference of food and beds. After testing all three examples of both items, Goldilocks determines that one of them is always too much in one extreme (too hot or too large), one is too much in the opposite extreme (too cold or too small), and one is “just right”

My clients have complaining for years that this is what it feels like when they have been going out to do their quotes.

Customers get three quotes, remove the highest and the lowest and go for the one in the middle.

But studies show that people only buy on price when you don’t give them a reason not too.

And too often when business are quoting for a job, their customers have nothing other to go on then price.

Think about it, what have you been giving out when you hand out your quotes.

Are forcing your clients to shop just like little old Goldilocks or have you given them something else to consider than price?

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