The Biggest Mistake On The Footy Oval, AND It Doesn’t Have Anything To Do With The Team

Recently, I was invited to the local footy club for the President’s lunch.

Looking out to the grounds before the game I noticed the oval was totally surrounded by all the signage and sponsorship placards.

This type of sponsorship is a huge financial benefit to the clubs, tens of thousands of people have eyes on them every year.

And if done right, can be a business booster as often people like to shop locally and buy from someone they ‘know’.

Sadly, many of these business were making big mistakes in their signage approach.

The good news for them was that everyone had made the same mistake, so it leveled the playing field and everyone had a fair chance of losing.

Probably not want sponsors want to know when they consider their return on investment.

But, they were all wasting their money.

Not wasted in the fact that they were supporting the club and having their signs around the ground but wasted in how they went about it.

Here is an example of what I saw:

Matt’s Termites Services

These are the  3 big mistakes that they are making:

  1. Your business name should not be your headline
  2. Your ad/ sign should be able to capture attention
  3. Your ad/sign needs a call to action so that people actually ACT.

There is absolutely nothing about the customer or the benefit of using Matt’s service.

It is a really common mistake that businesses make.

Their advertising is all about THEM, not about the CUSTOMER.

Here is an example that I would create for the same business:

Matt’s Termites Services (2)

This type of headline identifies a specific audience (Home Owners with pest problems) and promises to solve a problem, (getting rid of the pests) quickly and easily and at no risk to the reader (using the 100% guarantee).

So for those of you are doing sports ground sponsorship or running any type of ad or signage for your business, ask yourself.

Who would you call or remember?

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