The Facebook Phrase That Excites Me

How much time do you spend on Facebook per day?

And how much money do you make from your time on there?

I won’t bore you with statistics about Facebook users by demographic
and usage rate.

We all know that our target audience spend a fair bit of there day on

But I probably spend more time than most.

And like some men that say they read Playboy magazinefor the articles’,
I do spend my time on Facebook for research (and looking at funny memes
of course)

You see, when I take on a new client, if they have a Facebook group as
part of their offering for the program, then I ask to get added to it.


Because it is conversations that are going on between people that have
the similar issues, that is where the real gold is for your marketing message.

I often start my research with what your ‘people’ are talking about in
these private and semi-anonymous groups (by semi-anonymous I mean,
they know who you are but you are unlikely to cross paths face to face)

As humans, especially women, we will tell complete strangers things
about ourselves, if we feel that they will actually understand what is going
on for us.

If we think that they will have a deeper understanding because they are
experiencing it too we will divulge what we never tell our loved ones.

So if you are looking at developing a clearer message for your market,
or you are working on attracting more of your ideal clients into your world,
then spend a little bit of time in your Facebook group (if you don’t have
one, then start with other larger open groups) and read the comments.

Not with the intent to respond and resolve but to understand what is truly
going on from your markets perspective.

AND if you ever see a comment that starts “I am so embarrassed to
admit this but….”

But if you are struggling to understand what is going on in
the minds of your potential clients hit and haven’t been able to get your
message to them clear yet so that you are attracting the right type of client,
send me an email, I have something that I am working
on that can help.

Speak soon,