Who Wins In A Fight? Facebook Ads v’s Google Adwords

Who wins in a fight?
Who wins in a fight?

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Many of my clients are using various methods to raise their visibility including paid traffic and the question is always, which is better for my business Facebook Ads or Google Adwords.
If your marketing budget is quite small then you’re probably hesitant about spending too much money on Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, without knowing which one is best for you.
You need to figure out what you want to achieve by adding these into your marketing plan.
Are you looking to attract more business now or build your community and relationships for the future?

Facebook Ads


  • Facebook easily beats out Google in terms of time people spent on the site. The average Facebook user spends about 30 minutes per session on Facebook. The longer a person it is on the site the better chance you have of reaching them with your ad.
  • When you are setting up your Facebook Ads you can target particular demographics and geographic locations. Depending on your business you can select ages of users and their particular interests. You can also target people that follow or like a particular person, place or interest on Facebook.
  • When your Facebook Ad campaign ends, you are still able to interact with people who liked, shared or commented on your page.  Your posts will show up on the news feeds and you can continue to build a relationship with them.


  • Facebook interaction such as likes shares and comments don’t always translate into real world actions. You can build a relationship with your audience however they may not remember you in the future when they are looking for a solution to their problems.

 Google Adwords


  • Google Ads allows its users to choose their own keywords. Depending on your budget you can choose as many as you like. You are able to choose commonly searched for phrases and words and when people type those words into Google your ad will come up on the very top of the page.
  • Your Google Ads go where they are needed. People go to Google with a definite purpose in their mind and it’s probably easier to find exactly what they were you looking for. Your Google Ads will be displayed to people in the location and demographics you select and Google will display your ad only to people who are actively searching for those terms and keywords.
  • One of the biggest advantages Google has over Facebook is Google’s remarketing and retargeting. Google will display ads on its Google Display partner websites that match users previous searches. Facebook only advertises on its own sites.


  • The more popular your keywords are the more Google will charge you for them. Although Facebook does the same Google tends to be more expensive and competitive.
Both sides have good and bad points and you need to consider the best ones for your business and the outcome that you are hopping to achieve.
Facebook is more about interaction, Google is about purpose.
If you’re just starting out Google could be more helpful for getting your name out to interested persons who are searching for your type of product or the solution you offer.
However, if your business is well established, Facebook might be a better way to continue to build a relationship with your customers.
I always suggest to my clients that they try both over a period of time and see which one helps them to meet their goals.
Be sure to use Google Analytics to track your results.
May the best site win!

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