Effort Is Between You and You!

No one can judge effort.
Only you.
Effort is between You and You
You know when you have ‘tried’ but not really put in the effort.
When you put in the effort to practice every day you get better.
When you put in the effort to educate yourself every day you get better.
When you put in the effort to build your business it gets better.
But you only have so much time in your day.
Where is the best place to focus this effort?
In your communication and conversations with clients and potential clients.
But only if you want to make money.
I have put a lot of effort into my Platinum Collective Swipefiles,because you deserve it.
You deserve to have great clients.
You deserve to have a business that excites you.
You deserve to make more money.
But only if you are willing to put in the effort.
Start putting in more effort in your communications and conversations today.
Grab a copy of the Platinum Collective Swipefiles.
P.S This is my favorite effort inspiring Youtube clip, I play it everyday on the way to school drop off  my kids call it our Pump Up Music 

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